Get Your Gift: Be Calm this Holiday Season

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This holiday season, wouldn’t it be nice NOT to be stressed out?
To give this a more positive spin, would you like to be calm, relaxed and refreshed?
Break away from your worries.
Join creative visualization expert Debra Berndt, the Love-Mind Expert, and me for 3 soothing, guided visualizations. This is our holiday gift to you.
Claim your gift now. Just listen here (below), or go to our replay page.
Relieve Holiday Stress with us now.
You’ll feel renewed and rejuvenated after hearing Debra’s soothing voice and meditation. Now learn about her amazing s Complete Relaxation Set (9 MP3s) and Weight Loss Set (4 MP3s).


Relieve Holiday Stress — Our Holiday Gift to You

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Did you catch the uplifting, soothing Relieve Holiday Stress program with Love-Mind Expert Debra Berndt last night? No problem if you missed it. In the spirit of the holiday season, Debra Berndt and I have a gift for you. You can listen to the Relieve Holiday Stress Replay Page now through the end of December. […]