My Most Popular Blog Posts: What Did I Forget?

Here’s a list of my some of my most popular posts on this Sugar Shock Blog. Please check back, because I’m still adding to this list. (It’s taking a while to compile all the hot posts since I founded this Sugar Shock Blog in early June 2005,.
Weight Loss Assistance
CLS May Reduce Stubborn Fat Around the Middle
How Not to Pig Out on Thanksgiving;
Musings and Commentary
Shame on Reporters Critical of Cookie Monster’s New Moderate Habits
Holiday Help
7 Tips to Squash Your Sugar Cravings this Holiday Season
5 Ways to Indulge Over the Holidays Without Gaining Weight
‘Tis the Season to be Stressed: 7 tips to Relieve Holiday Stress
Relieve Holiday Stress: Holiday Gift to You from Debra Berndt and Me (Audio Program)
5 Tips to Soften Halloween Sugar Shock
The Sour Scoop About Sugar
Sugar at “Safe” Levels Can be Deadly;
The Inside Scooop about Agave (I don’t recommend it)
iHigh Fructose corn Syrup: Some Scary Facts to Consider Before You Gulp Down Soda & Other Foods (with 3-minute video)
146 Reasons Why Sugar is Ruining Your Health (Guest column from Nancy Appleton)
Reformed Sugar Addict Alec Baldwin Interviews Dr. Robert Lustig;
The Fallacy of Diet Foods
Study Shows Diet Sodas Are Linked to Weight Gain
Tips to Let Go of Sugar or Pile off the Pounds
Delay Away Your Sugar Cravings (Creatively Procrastinate)
7 Tips to Help You Squash Your Sugar Addiction
Slipped? Destroyed Your Diet? 7 Tips to Get Back on Track
Humorous Takes on the News
Michelangelo’s David Returns to Italy After Touring the U.S.
Help to Shop
Stumped when Shopping? Some Sugar-Free Foods By Brand
Social Media
The best time(s) to post on social media
Get Social Media Secrets with Mitch Meyerson
Woo-Hoo, Feel-Good Tunes
Listen to Woo-Hoo, Feel-Good Tunes
Listen to Guests on My Gab with the Gurus Shows
Lose Weight with Best-Selling Author & Spiritual Activitist Marianne Williamson (she spoke about her then-new book, A Course in Weight Loss; she wasn’t running for Congress yet;
Anita Moorjani: On Cancer, Near Death & Treasuring Our Magnificence
Other Health Posts
Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar): Do You Have It?
Anita Moorjani: On Cancer, Near Death & Treasuring Our Magnificence;
Hyperactivity and Mental Woes Linked to Soda Consumption
Take Charge of Your Stress & Sleep: Two Keys to Live Life Well
Salt: The Forgotten Killer: — The AMA & CSPI Urge Crackdown On the White Powder, But What About The-More-Dangerous Substance, Sugar?
Are You Among the 85 % of People With Low Self-Esteem? It Can Lead to Weight Gain & More
My Sweet, But Stringent Standards & Disclosures
Did I leave out your favorite posts? Let me know which one(s) to include.
Connie Bennett is a former sugar-addicted journalist and the author of two bestselling books, Beyond Sugar Shock and Sugar Shock, Connie’s sour-to-sweet story began in 1998, when she quit sugar on doctor’s orders. Her doctor blamed all 44 of her strange ailments (baffling brain fog, ferocious fatigue, horrible headaches, embarrassing mood swings, severe PMS, etc.) on her habit of eating hard candies, red licorice, refined crackers, and other quickie carbs. While releasing her sugar and carb addiction, Connie created many simple tactics to make letting go of sweets an easy, exciting adventure.
Since 2001, Connie has been helping thousands of sugar addicts worldwide through her Sugar Freedom Now Course, speaking, and coaching (she is a certified life coach, certified health coach and EFT practitioner). She founded this Sugar Shock Blog on June 7, 2005.
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I am Thankful for You: Connect with Me on Facebook

Thank you, wonderful readers, for continuing to visit this Sugar Shock Blog although I’ve been gone a lot due to my mom’s terminal illness over the last year and lately have been grieving over her recent death.
I’m very grateful to you.
In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can learn more about my tender, but trying time in this previous blog post.
I had hoped to get back to posting regularly a lot sooner than this, but I just needed more time to heal.
I’ve also been — and still am — experimenting with various healing techniques so that I can let go of my grief.
Soon, you’ll be able to to listen again to top experts on my Gab with the Gurus Show, and to join my Sugar Freedom Now Course.
Also, connect with me on Facebook. I’ve now begun to regularly post articles and thoughts again. I also am beginning to ask you intriguing (I hope) questions again, and I’d love to read your replies. See you soon on Facebook!

Examiner’s Jed Shlackman Reviews Beyond Sugar Shock

Special thanks to the Examiner’s Jed Shlackman, LMHC for featuring my book, Beyond Sugar Shock, in his recent Examiner piece.
Shlackman is a holistic counselor, hypnotherapist and energy healer in Miami, Florida.

Welcome, Fans of The Hannah Murray Show on Talk Radio Europe

Welcome, fans of The Afternoon Show with Hannah Murray on Talk Radio Europe.
I truly hope that I brought you valuable information about sugar addiction that speaks to you during my interview with Hannah.
In addition, it’s my deepest wish that I’ve inspired you to leave behind your Sugar Sadness and instead embrace a life of Sugar Freedom.
Make sure to take advantage now of my contest to win complimentary admission to my Sugar Freedom Now Course.
To enter, all you have to do is submit your comments here on this Sugar Shock Blog.
You want to briefly answer the following two questions:
How your sugar addiction has caused challenges and misery for you.
What does life look like when you’re Beyond Sugar Shock?
Enter the contest now and let me guide you from Sugar Shock to Beyond Sugar Shock, where you’ll enjoy delicious Sugar Freedom.
To catch my interview with Hannah, who has interviewed such amazing guests, visit The Hannah Murray Show blog.
Remember, enter the contest to win admission for one to my Sugar Freedom Now Course.

Win a Year of Typepad: Blog Contest in Honor of Beyond Sugar Shock’s Book Launch

Today marks the official launch of my new book, Beyond Sugar Shock, and I’ve been seeking to provide lots of fun programs and activities for you.
To my delight, Typepad, the easy-to-use blogging platform where I’ve been hosting this Sugar Shock Blog since 2005, has generously offered to help me hold a contest.
Calling all would-be bloggers or current bloggers (on other platforms) — because the winner of this contest will get a year of Typepad Unlimited ($179.40 value).
I love BloggingNow, if you’re a blogging newbie, this contest should be especially appealing. And it’s also ideal if you’re a person with a strong, savvy voice about a certain topic.
In particular, sugar and carb addicts and people with weight goals, this is your big chance. If you’ve been thinking about writing a blog about going sugar-free, leading a healthier life, or sharing tasty recipes, I urge you to apply. This is an ideal opportunity for you to write about a topic that’s dear to you — and get support from your readers in the process.
By the way, in my book, Beyond Sugar Shock, I discuss the value of blogging or journaling to help you release your sugar addiction.
You even get some helpful blogging pointers from veteran journalist Dana Kennedy, who ran her popular Year Without Candy blog from Feb. 28, 2010 to Feb. 28, 2011.
Entering the contest is simple. In order to win, you have to be either new to Typepad, or have to want to migrate your blog from another provider to this more-user-friendly platform.
Here’s how to join the contest:
To enter, leave a comment on this post, stating why you want to win a year of Typepad Unlimited.
Tell us about the blog’s topic and title, too. Will this be a weight loss blog? Will this be your safe haven where you can write about eating sweets instead of splurging? Would you post recipes?
Your deadline to enter the Typepad giveaway is three weeks from today, Tuesday, June 19 at midnight (EST).
To select a winner, I’ll confer with Typepad and a panel of two other experts (like on a TV show) to select that special person, who seems most motivated to use her or his blog to further an important goal.
I’ll announce the winner on June 20. And please, of course, only entry per person, please.
Remember this giveaway is only open to those who aren’t already blogging with Typepad.
So why would you want to be with Typepad? From my perspective, as a non-techy kind of person, I’ve found it easy to learn. What’s more, their customer service is excellent — you can actually reach a live person via a Help ticket.
That’s one of my favorite features of Typepad. If I ever have a question about how to use a particular function or program, I just fill out a support ticket, and a Typepad representative generally gets back to me within about 24 hours with a detailed answer.
I just love that Help section. It makes life so easy for me. Because they’re so good at explaining things, I no longer have to scramble to find answers.
So, what are you waiting for? Enter this blogging contest now.
Typepad-featured-weblog-125Please note that while Typepad agreed to sponsor this giveaway, I will choose the winner.
In addition, all opinions are my own, and I wasn’t compensated by Typepad in any way to sing their praises. I’ve just been a happy customer for seven years, because it’s so easy to use!
By the way, I’m thrilled to report that Typepad is also doing something else very nice for me.
Any moment now, my Sugar Shock Blog will be featured shortly in the Everything Typepad section.
Stay tuned for details.
Now just post a comment here to enter the contest and get one year free at Typepad.

The Most Important Blog Post I Ever Wrote

Dear Wonderful Visitors to this Sugar Shock Blog,
This is the most important post I’ve ever written.
As you no doubt know, obesity has skyrocketed among adults and youths alike; and children are on a track to die before their parents if they don’t change their unhealthy ways.
At the same time, coronary heart disease, cancer, stroke, type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease have become our nation’s top killers. You probably know — or love — someone who has suffered from one or all of these.
But all of the above diseases are largely preventable.
I call them The Preventable Big Killers. And ALL of these potentially fatal illnesses — and many more — can be caused by overdosing on sugar and/or refined carbs.
Think this doesn’t include you? That’s what I used to believe.
But the average American — and person in any civilized country is consuming (either consciously or unconsciously) HUGE amounts of sweets and quickie carbs on a DAILY if not many-times-a-day basis.
Each of you may be taking in roughly 170 to 228 pounds of sweeteners per year and another 200 pounds of sugar’s sinful sisters, which I dub “culprit carbs.”
And every day, it seems, the news gets more frightening.
One of my favorite recent studies revealed that sugar can make you dumb!
More research suggests that it can make you violent.
Your sweet tooth even can trigger type 2 diabetes, even though your doctor may vehemently deny it.
Simply put, millions worldwide are in Sugar Shock.
For the past decade, it has my personal mission to inspire and empower sugar
and carb addicts worldwide.
I want to help them (you?) Get a Life that Rocks™, as I like to put it. (I began coaching people to Sugar Freedom in 2002, four years after I reluctantly quit sugar on doctor’s orders after being waylaid by 44 debilitating ailments.)
So I invite you now: Help me to help transform the lives of millions of sugar and carb addicts around the world!

Beyond Sugar Shock Book Launch Weeks Kicks Off

Today, it’s my pleasure to kick off the Beyond Sugar Shock Book Launch Week with some exciting interviews and activities.
Although the launch is officially on Tuesday, we’re getting an early start with the following:
Monday, June 4
Jill Lane image-displayMonday, June 4 at 9:15 am PDT: Interview with Jill Lane in Dallas. Today, it’s my pleasure to be interviewed by Jill Lane, an expert in the fields of nutrition and exercise physiology. Jill — who is pasionate about helping pro athletes and high achievers attain max strength, quick recovery, heightened energy, sharp focus and optimal body fat for peak performance — was oversaw the meal planning and recipes, which are included in Beyond Sugar Shock. Some of her current and past clients include coaches and players from the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Stars and Cleveland Browns as well as a variety of tennis and golf pros. As I’ve discovered upon interviewing Jill, her colleagues say she is gifted at turning complicated biochemistry into simple concepts and action steps that produce success.
Monday, June 4 at 10 am PDT: My Gab with the Gurus Show focuses on vegetarianism and Meatless Monday. For the first day of the Beyond Sugar Shock Book Launch Week, listeners will learn how going meatless once a week may reduce your risk of chronic preventable conditions like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity, as well as reduce your carbon footprint and save precious resources. My guests are a Meatless Monday representative; gourmet chef/health coach Alex Jamieson (who appeared on “Oprah” and “Super Size Me” Alex Jamiesonand is author of Living Vegan for Dummies and The Great American Detox Diet); and Judith Kinsbury, founder of the popular blog. Both authors offer recipes, which appear in my book, Beyond Sugar Shock. In honor of Book Launch Week, Gab with the Gurus listeners will have a chance to a copy of my book, access to my Sugar Freedom Now Course, and even time with me. See this:
Diane Ray 11128promoMonday, June 4 at 11 am: The dynamic host and radio show veteran Diane Ray interviews me on her popular, fun “I Can Do It Hour!” on If you haven’t listened yet to Diane’s inspiring show, you must! On this weekely show, you have a special opportunity to get entertained and educated each week by empowering, compassionate Hay House authors. In addition, you can call in and ask her guests questions. As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m honored that Hay House is the publisher of my book, Beyond Sugar Shock .
First Week in June
HealyourlifelogoMy article, “My 14 Years Without Sugar: Reflections on a Sour Life Turned Sweet,” runs on Stay tuned for the exact link. In the article, I tell how how I made the transition from sugar addict to Sugar Freedom Coach. For those of you struggling with your addiction, you’ll learn about just how bad it got for me.
MaryOKeefeHope, Healing and WellBeing Show: Catch my interview all week with Mary Treacy O’Keefe, breast cancer survivor and co-founder and President of Well Within, a nonprofit holistic wellness resource center in St. Paul, MN. Mary’s goals are to help people reduce their levels of anxiety and foster hope, healing and spiritual growth. Mary is also trained as a Cancer Guide and as a Mind, Body Skills facilitator by the Center for Mind Body Medicine in Washington, D.C. Mary’s first book, Thin Places: Where Faith is Affirmed and Hope Dwells, received Honorable Mention from the national Independent Publishers Book Awards. She is currently completing her next book, Meant to Be: Do Things Really Happen for a Reason?
Stay tuned for exciting activities on the official Beyond Sugar Shock Book Launch Day on Tuesday, June 5, too.
You’re invited to spread the word on Tuesday, too, to all your friends, fans, colleagues and acquaintances about this book, which is designed to help sugar addicts worldwide.

Sugar Addiction Awareness Time: The Day Before Halloween

Tomorrow, millions of Americans will celebrate Halloween, which has become a National Sugar Overload Day.
This means that teens and tots all across America will gorge on candies galore.
So today, I invite you to boost your sugar consciousness.
Join us today for the first ever Sugar Addiction Awareness Day, thanks to organizer Jill Escher.
Granted, all across America tomorrow, people will hand out candies galore, forking over about $2.3 billion this year.
Let’s face it, it’s Halloween dilemma time, as the Los Angeles Times so aptly points out.
Join us for the first ever Sugar Addiction Awareness Day Gab with the Gurus Radio Show.
In this show, Sugar Addiction Awareness Day founder Jill Escher joins me. Listen now to find out how to:
Help your kids avoid going into huge sugar shock.
Talk to your kids before they go trick or treating on Halloween.
Deal with your kids if they come back home hyped up on sugar.
Get involved with Sugar Addiction Awareness Day.
Begin to break free of your own sugar addiction. (You’ll get some easy steps. In addition, you can learn about my Sugar Freedom Now Course here.
Gotta dash. It’s time for one of my big treats of the day — a fun class at Equinox, my gym.