Announcing Follow Friday

Today it’s my pleasure to announce Follow Friday, a new weekly or biweekly feature on my blog.

On Follow Friday, you’ll find out about some of my absolute favorite people, non-profit organizations, events, products, programs, books, podcasts, and sugar-free, gluten-free, organic foods and beverages.

I’m so excited to finally share things I’ve been eagerly tracking down and excitedly discovering for years. Essentially, you’ll get the benefits of my extensive research to find the cleanest foods, the best movers and shakers, and the most awesome events.

With Follow Friday, my goals are to help you learn about the best people, groups and products to help you become happier and healthier, as well as more productive and empowered.

In short, my intentions are honorable. Please note, to be transparent, that I will NOT take affiliate commissions from any of the people, organizations or events I feature.

What I may or may not do—it depends on the featured party—is request that whoever I write or talk about about (voice recordings are coming) make a donation to my favorite charity, which is the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation (HSF).

FYI, the reason I chose to spotlight the HSF is because without the selfless, giving, compassionate Roberta Ruggiero, its founder and president, I may simply not be alive today. Or I’d be a depressed, lethargic, barely alive shell of my former self. Seriously! Soon, I’ll feature the HSF on Follow Friday, and you’ll learn about how I unintentionally introduced Roberta to Wolfram Alderson, who is now the HSF’s powerhouse chairman.

Here are the guidelines to submit an idea for Follow Friday.

  • Just submit your idea for a group, event, product book or podcast to be featured.
  • If you know someone involved with the event, organization, or product, please introduce me to that person.
  • To be featured for Follow Friday, my team and I will vote on what to feature.
  • Please remember, our intentions are for you to discover someone or something that will improve the quality of your life.

So now, it’s time to come to you for help.

What people, events or non-profit groups do you suggest that I feature on Follow Friday?

If you can, please send an introduction email, later, I’ll be interviewing the company founders, experts, etc.

Share now who you suggest that I feature on Follow Friday.

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