7 Ways I Can Help You Develop Your Story, Show or Segment

Subjects like sugar, cravings, obesity, junk foods, depression, grief, trauma, compassion, and keeping off unhealthy excess weight all have evergreen appeal. As an experienced journalist, article writer, and essayist, I can help you in seven ways:

  1. I can help you develop upbeat, unique, provocative, engaging, controversial, audience-grabbing angles.
  2. I’m a great guest, who is dynamic, self-mocking, and relatable. In fact, your audience members, who blew their diets, are much as I once was.
  3.  I can talk and write in easy-to-understand bullet points, and I’m great at coming up with catchy terms. (For instance, ask me about my phrases, Heartbreak Bingeing(TM), See-It-Eat-It Gorging(TM), and carbage.)
  4. I can entertain, educate and motivate your audience.
  5. I bring fun and humor to the serious subjects of sugar addiction, cravings, and obesity.  (In fact, in tandem with a clever cartoonist, I even started fun Sugar Shock Cartoons to help people see the humorous side of their challenges.)
  6. I’m really good at catching trends, and I’m happy to refer you to articulate colleagues so we can make your segment shine.
  7. I’m well respected for my strong research skills and ability to ferret out facts. That’s why many bestselling doctors, leading experts, authors and TV personalities have praised one or both of my books, Sugar Shock or Beyond Sugar Shock. (For instance, JJ Virgin, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Kathy Smith, Marilu Henner, and researchers have praised my books. See praise here and here.)

On a Tight Deadline? Just go to the contact us link to reach me right away.

I look forward to helping you create a great TV segment, article, radio show or podcast.