My Articles & Op-Eds

Below you’ll find a small selection of thousands of articles, columns, and op-eds that I’ve written over the years. Since my expertise is now in the field of health and wellness, I’ve excluded hundreds of previous entertainment and lifestyle pieces.

Featured on Websites and/or Newspapers
Is it Sugar You Crave …Or more sweetness in your days? (
Craving Sugar and Carbs? Make Them Your Allies Instead (
7 Ways You Can Get Duped By Food Labels (
Be an Everyday Valentine (
Halloween treats trick kids into sugar overload (Star-Ledger,
The Rats Who Preferred Sugar Over Cocaine (Huffington Post)
Don’t Want to Quit or Reduce Sugar? First, Find Your Biggest Sugar ‘Whys’ (Huffington Post)
Jack LaLanne: In Loving Memory to the Fitness Guru and Anti-Sugar Pioneer (HuffPost)
Mom Taught Me How to Live and Die With Courage, Spirit and Spunk: Learn From Her, Too (HuffPost)
Sweeter Holiday Tip # 1: Take Timed Breaths to Conquer Cravings and Challenging Situations (Huffington Post)
The Power of Delaying to Squash Sugar Cravings (
I Dare You! Get Rid of the Sugar (
An Overlooked Health Epidemic (AOL News)
A Big Killer: Cancer Feeds on Sugar (Inner Self)
Bid Your Inner Bitch Bye-Bye: 7 Tips to Squash Your Sugar Habit (Good News Network)

From My Blog
10 Ways to Bounce Back After You Blow Your Diet
Did You Overeat Recently? Shower Yourself with Compassion
7 Reasons to Stay Away from Agave
7 Ways to Ditch Liquid Sugar
Delay Away Your Sugar Cravings (Creatively Procrastinate)

Get Help if You’re Grieving
Grief Guru David Kessler Shares 10 Worst & Best Things to Say to Someone in Grief
Enjoy “The Bliss of Healing” & Then Pass it On to Soothe Others

Musings and Commentary
Shame on Reporters Critical of Cookie Monster’s New Moderate Habits
Michelangelo’s David Returns to Italy After Touring the U.S.
The Power of Food Advertising

Holiday Help
7 Tips to Squash Your Sugar Cravings this Holiday Season
5 Ways to Indulge Over the Holidays Without Gaining Weight
How Not to Pig Out on Thanksgiving
‘Tis the Season to be Stressed: 7 Tips to Relieve Holiday Stress
5 Tips to Soften Halloween Sugar Shock

The Sour Scoop About Sugar|
Popcorn is Not a Dieter’s Best Friend
Sugar at “Safe” Levels Can be Deadly
High Fructose corn Syrup: Some Scary Facts to Consider Before You Gulp Down Soda & Other Foods
(Includes my 3-minute interview on Ad Age,
“A Sour Review of Corn Refiners’ Sweetener Ads.”

The Fallacy of Diet Foods
Study Shows Diet Sodas Are Linked to Weight Gain

Lyme Disease
Are you an Outdoors Lover? Learn About Lyme With “Under Our Skin” Insiders
Lyme Disease: Pamela Weintraub, Rebecca Wells & Other Gurus Tell You About It Today on My Radio Show
Sugar & Lyme Disease — Don’t Have Sugar While Grappling With Lyme Disease, Reader Writes
Tips to Deal with Ticks and/or Lyme Disease
Lyme Disease Discussion: Readers Relate
Lyme Disease Explained: Help Yourself & Your Loved Ones By Listening to Today’s Radio Show Now

Other Health Posts
Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar): Do You Have It?
Hyperactivity and Mental Woes Linked to Soda Consumption
Take Charge of Your Stress & Sleep: Two Keys to Live Life Well
Salt: The Forgotten Killer: — The AMA & CSPI Urge Crackdown On the White Powder, But What About The-More-Dangerous Substance, Sugar?

Are You Among the 85 % of People With Low Self-Esteem? It Can Lead to Weight Gain & More
Howard Stern: I Hung Up On the Show In the Middle of An Interview!

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