About My Book, I blew my diet! Now what?

Every day, around the world, millions of people cave into their cravings for junk foods filled with sugar, gluten, unhealthy fats, salt, and other sweeteners. Soon after shoveling those dangerous, processed, edible substances into their (your?) mouths, guilt, remorse and self-loathing rushed in.

“I blew my diet,” they may inwardly complain. “Now what?” My next book is all about that.

Now, before you read any further, I need to make a confession. I was once like you. In my previous life BEC (Before Eating Cleanly), my constant companions were highly processed carbohydrates.

My descent into runaway eating began soon after I lost my beloved mother to cancer. That’s when I blew my diet bigtime. While reeling from grief, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and inadvertent abuse, I simply caved into carbs. Sound familiar?

Eating badly over and over again. threw my topsy-turvy. Despair, desperation, and disgust came rushing in. I felt humiliated, ashamed, and angry at myself. You see, I know better. In fact, if you don’t know me, I’m a sugar and carb expert!

Let me backtrack. For more than a decade, I was a recognized health expert, the author of two bestselling books (Sugar Shock and Beyond Sugar Shock), a super-clean eater, a certified health coach, and a life coach, who’d guided thousands of people worldwide to Sweet Freedom™.

But after my mother passed away, I felt like a fraud, especially when all that carbage (carb garbage), along with rich cheeses, and oily nuts made me quickly pack on 21 pounds. I became one of some 160 million adult Americans or 2.1 billion people worldwide, who are overweight or obese.

Finally, one day, I had enough. My journalistic curiosity kicked into high gear. I became driven to discover: Why did I blow my diet after years of eating cleanly? More importantly, why do millions of us in the U.S. and around the world eat badly, even though we say we want to lose weight? For seven years, I’ve been on a mission to uncover answers to these and many other questions.

At last, in my next book, “I blew my diet! Now what?,” I reveal my findings. Then I help you become a success at shedding pounds, even if you’re also facing a broken heart due to your divorce or the death of a loved one, overcome by massive stress, and/or reeling after a traumatic time.

What about you? Have you eaten healthy foods for weeks, months, or years, but then blew your diet repeatedly  after your divorce, the death of a loved one,  trauma, or another life-changing event?

Have you, too, found yourself deep into what I call Heartbreak Bingeing™, See It-Crave-It Gorging™ or Stress Splurging™? Have you, too, felt powerless to those tempting, but unhealthy junk foods? In my easy-to-read-and-use book, you’ll discover why you blew your diet and then get a three-week program full of super-simple, on-the-go, science-based tactics that will help you get better health, and make peace with your awesome body.

Take heart. You can succeed at taking back your power. More info is coming soon.

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