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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Repititive Strain Injury? Learn How to Help Yourself on Sept. 26

If you have carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injury or other joint pain, you’ll definitely want to catch a teleseminar that I’m hosting on Sept. 26 at 3 p.m. EST with my friend Julie Donnelly, L.M.T.

In this class via phone, Julie, author of How To Be Pain-less… A Beginner’s Guide to the
Self-Treatment of Muscle Spasms
, will actually teach you to work on yourself using her groundbreaking Julstro™ technique of deep muscle therapy.

Yes, over the phone, Julie will reveal to you how to help relieve your own pain. Pretty cool, eh?

Interestingly, much like my interest in the problems of sugar overload began with my own horrendous ailments, culminating in 1998, Julie’s concerns about repetitive strain injury intensified when, as a hard-working massage therapist in 1996, she herself developed a severe case of carpal tunnel syndrome, which threatened to end her career.

Now, she brings empathy and understanding — as well as considerable skills and knowledge — to treat treatment severe
pain, especially chronic joint pain and sports injuries.

Join us on Sept. 26 to learn Julie’s pioneering self-treatment technique, which she successfully
used to relieve her own condition.

Julie’s background also includes working with leading repetitive-strain expert Dr. Zev Cohen to
offer the Julstro™ system to his patients. In addition, Julie works extensively with elite
athletes and patients, who’ve been unsuccessful at finding relief through
conventional therapies.

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2 thoughts on “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Repititive Strain Injury? Learn How to Help Yourself on Sept. 26

  1. Hi Connie Bennett,
    Carpal tunnel exercise for Wrist is that, first make a loose fist with your right hand, then keep the palm in upward position and after that use the left hand to press it gently down against the clenched hand. Now resist the force of the left hand with the closed right hand for five seconds, but be sure that the wrist is kept straight. After that turn the right hand fist palm downwards and press it against the knuckles with the left hand for five seconds and after that finally, turn the right palm in such a way that the thumb-side of the fist is up and press down again for five seconds. After this repeat the same process with the left hand.
    Second simple Carpal tunnel exercise is that which is called as wrist circles. According to this wrist circle draw clockwise circles in air with the tips of second and third fingers, which are kept up and close together. After that repeat the same process with left hand.
    Third easy Carpal tunnel exercise is that first hold a hand straight up next to the shoulder with fingers together and palm facing outward, somewhat like a shoulder-high salute position. After that, bend the hand backward with the fingers still held together with the help of another hand and hold it for five seconds. After that open the fingers and thumb with the hand being in the same bent back position and hold it for five seconds. Now repeat the same process with another hand.

  2. wrist pain cure – carpal tunnel syndrome – repetitive strain injury – 10 healing solutions

    Within the time of two years I tried to heal my repetitive strain injury – a hard wrist pain occurring during repetitive heavy computer mouse operations.
    For all computer users having the same problem a wrote a Complete Repetitive Strain Injur…

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