Catching Up With Connie

Is Diet a Dirty Word?

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click here Is Diet a Dirty Word? What do you think? Let’s face it. In certain circles these days, people steer clear of the word “diet,” because it’s deemed politically incorrect. More important, it may mean deprivation, restriction, frustration, difficulty or even struggle. Here’s the catch. What other word should I use to convey that you’re cleaning […]


Celebrating 20 Years Sugar-Free

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This is a big week for me. Specifically this Sunday. On that day, I’ll have gone an entire 20 Years Sugar-Free. I’m announcing this in advance, because I know that I’ll make it. But bear in mind that when I state 20 years: I’m not including my lengthy Carb Relapse and 21-pound weight gain during […]

Catching Up With Connie

Kicking Sugar Begins in Your Mind

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cravings ninja

Do you doubt your ability to kick sugar and ditch processed carbs?

Are you tired of failing diet after diet?

Take heart.

Today, I invite you to see it, feel it, enjoy it.

By “it,” I mean your new joyous, freedom-filled life, where you have outgrown your addiction to sugar or carbs.

Back in 1998, when I kicked sweets and processed carbohydrates on doctor’s orders, I discovered that conquering my sugar and carb addiction began in my mind.