Cause of the Month: Help the “Two Angry Moms” Become 2 Million Moms! Goal: Improve School Lunches for Our Nation’s Kids

Today, we start a new feature, “Cause of the Month,” in which we’ll spotlight worthwhile projects and programs that do much to advance the cause of improving our health habits (especially better nutrition), creating happier lives, and more.

Enter two formidable, take-charge, optimistic women — Amy Kalafa and Susan Rubin — who dub themselves Two Angry Moms.

Amy and Susan — who both appeared March 15 in a tele-seminar as part of my Fast-Track, Kick-Sugar Countdown Program™ — are now in the midst of creating an important documentary that, they hope, will ultimately change school lunches across the nation.


Armed with a movie camera, Amy and Susan are visiting school cafeterias nationwide to see exactly what foods are being offered and eating. The two moms are speaking to food service vendors, teachers, health experts, politicians and parents, as well as officials from the USDA and the FDA.

They’re even examining the nutritional content of these lunches, addressing what’s gone wrong with our School Lunch Program, and coming up with viable strategies to get real food into our nation’s school cafeterias.

Amy and Susan are just two moms. But when Agricultural Secretary Susan Coombs said that it will take 2 million angry moms to change the school lunch program, the two committed women got an idea. They’re now lining up 2 million angry moms (actually, you don’t have to be a mom or angry to join their cause).

Now Amy and Susan like to say, “It’s a movie. It’s a movement.”

Just check out the credentials of these amazing women:

Amy Kalafa is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, whose credits include numerous health education films and TV shows, including Dr. T. Berry Brazelton’s parenting show, “What Every Baby Knows”; as well as PBS specials, “Our Nation’s Health: A Matter of Choice” and “Healthy Aging.” She also edited the Reiner Foundation’s, “The First Years Last Forever” and produced segments for “Martha Stewart Living.”


Amy is a lecturer at the Yale School of Medicine and Psychiatry, a holistic health counselor, Lyme Disease consultant, certified Kripalu Yoga teacher, and an organic farmer. She and her husband Alex have two teenage daughters, who bring their lunches to school.

Susan P. Rubin D.M.D., H.H.C. is director of A Better Way Holistic Health, a private health counseling practice in Mount Kisco, New York. She takes a unique approach with her clients and brings in-depth knowledge to help people arrive at effective, drug-free solutions for a wide range of health related concerns. She also teaches cooking classes and conducts workshops and programs on many aspects of food, public health advocacy and holistic healing.

This year, Susan brought together educators, parents and health professioals to create the Westchester Coalition for Better School Food, whose mission is to increase awareness of the importance of feeding our children health-supportive foods in school. She and her husband, Ron, have three daughters.

Art_two_angry_moms_index_04Here’s where you come in: These very talented and committed ladies need your lunch money!

In fact, they’re raising $40,000 by the end of the month so I urge you to take my lead and donate now to Two Angry Moms. (Yes, I’ve contributed, too.)

Again, if you agree that our nation’s kids should be able to choose wholesome, nutritious food in schools instead of all that processed, sugary, nutrient-lacking crap, then you’ll want to learn more abou this exciting venture.

So donate now to Two Angry Moms. If you help them make the film, Amy and Susan will even show it in your school district.

You can even view some clips here.

Just think about it: Given Amy’s extensive film credits and Susan’s impressive background, you could be in on the ground floor of the next Super Size Me!! Imagine how powerful this exciting film could be!

As I’ve said previously, I’m convinced that these 2 moms and their 2 million followers could make this film a huge hit. But that’s just part of what all these women could do. Led by Amy, Susan, and other worthwile organizations, we could change what’s served in our nation’s schools. Isn’t this exciting?

Remember, it’s vital that we serve kids better foods or they could continue to gain weight, get diseases such as type 2 diabetes (formerly called adult-onset diabetes), have difficulty learning in school, have mood swings, and ultimately die at an early age.

If you’re not convinced of the value of serving nourishing, wholesome foods to kids, then check out this wonderful quote, which I found on Susan’s organization, Westchester Coalition for Better School Food:

The actress/activist/junk food opponent Marilu Henner said:

“Research has shown that even small amounts of processed food alter the chemical balance in our brain and cause negative mood swings along with noticeable drips in energy.”


Again, I urge you, especially in honor of Mother’s Day, to donate to The Two Angry Moms.

If you have some unused frequent flyer miles, please donate those, too, so Amy and Susan can travel all over the country to interview experts, school officials and parents.

Special thanks to Glen Colello of Catch a Healthy Habit for first turning me onto these Two Angry Moms. Additional appreciation goes to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (where I’m now going to school) and the school’s founder Joshua Rosenthal, for also mentioning this incredible film project.

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