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Lynne-Klippel_83173 (1)Authors (published and not-yet published), here's a great resource for you.

Check out Successful Author Series, a fantastic series from the dynamic Lynne Klippel, who in the past year has presented a number of exciting programs featuring bestselling authors, who share tips galore. 

What's wonderful about her new Successful Author Series,  is that that you can listen at any time, at your convenience. (This is a unique concept in the teleseminar field.) 

Lynne's guest today is Lisa Steadman, author of If He’s Not The One, Who Is?

She shares “The WooHoo Guide to Social Media in 2012.” You can listen here now.  

You'll get big Ahahs listening to authors share their secrets. Share some of your Ahahs here. 


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