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About Connie Bennett:  Connie is a former sugar-and-carbs-addicted journalist, a certified health coach, life coach, and author of the international bestsellers, Sugar Shock and Beyond Sugar Shock. Her next book is I blew my diet! Now what? Stop Blaming Yourself, Crush Your Cravings & Lose Weight for Good (May 2022). Connie’s expertise as The Cravings Ninja™ evolved after she endured a grueling, heartbreaking, traumatic year, during which she helplessly watched her terminally ill, unintentionally abusive mother lose the battle to a stage four cancer. After losing her mother, Connie mindlessly ate lots of carbage (carb garbage), especially mounds of movie popcorn after she lost” her willpower after years of eating cleanly and quickly packed on 21 pounds. Now, Connie is here to help you Crush Your Cravings™ for processed junk foods, easily find out why you blew your diet and learn fast, simple, science-based tools to Bounce Back Boldly.™