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Do You Binge When You’re Angry?

What do you do when you’re angry, bitter or resentful?

When you’re consumed by anger, do you or have you turned to chips, candies or other junk foods full of sugar or processed carbs?

In short, did you get cravings when you’re furious?

Then did you binge?

And did that lead to weight gain?

You’re in good company.

Millions overeat junk foods and become obese, because they shove toxic foods into their mouths while consumed by toxic emotions such as anger.  (Of course, other emotions may play into this, too.)

Anger is one of the most dangerous emotions.

Research shows that if you suppress it or express your anger, you may develop a variety of diseases, including coronary heart disease, bulimia and type 2 diabetes, as well as cancer, which also has been linked to anger.

I invite you to ask yourself: Are you one of those, who pigs out when you’re angry?

[shareable cite=”Connie Bennett, The Cravings Ninja”]Are you one of millions, who craves and then overeats junk foods when you’re angry?[/shareable]

Indeed, the more you forgive, the less you’ll crave.

Rather than just tell you to quit being angry, I invite you to learn about the power of forgiveness.

Once you forgive, you’ll get less cravings and find less of a need to binge.

To get you on the road to forgiveness, I recommend that you check out two books: One is The Forgiveness Solution by Dr. Philip Friedman.and Forgive for Good by Dr. Fred Luskin.

While you’re waiting for one or both books to arrive, I invite you to listen to the fascinating interviews that I did with Drs. Friedman and Luskin, who both offer fascinating information about the power of forgiveness.

First,  I invite you to listen do Dr. Luskin’s take on forgiveness.

You’ll be fascinated by these comments.

  • Dr.  Luskin talks about how being angry for a long time can lead to “spiritual deadness.”
  • He also offers a fascinating definition of forgiveness.
  • “You can forgive someone and never see them again.”
  • “People who are more grateful are more forgiving.”

Next,  I invite you to check out Dr. Friedman’s interview here:

Here are some of my favorite takeaways.

  • I love this quote about eight minutes in when Dr. Friedman says, “Forgiveness is letting go of the hope for a different and better past.
  • A little while later, he says: “By forgiving, you are re-empowering yourself.”
  • Then  he mentions a fascinating story about murder and forgiveness!
  • He also points out,  “The ultimate goal is to connect with your divine self.”

Join the Conversation: Are you angry at anyone (or more than one person)? And does your fury make you crave junk foods and then overeat?

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