Gab with the Gurus Show Testimonials

“Awesome show, Connie! Great job.” – Tamara about the GWG Show with Montel Williams (listen now)

“Hi Connie, I LOVE your radio show! I was just listening to the one you did recently with Marla (“FlyLady”) and I wish I could have listened live and called in! I’m not sure if you know, but there is a wonderful article written by Debbie Moody called “The Confessions of a Soft Drink.” It sure motivated me to kick the soda habit – I haven’t had one of those guys in about 9 years now!” Blessings. — Melanie, Nashville, TN

“Dearest Connie, bless you for what you do! Your GabFest was quite a ”feast” for body, mind, heart and soul. You and every guest was fantastic! So many remarkable resources. Much love and hugs to you all. (I”m sure it was very stressful for you to keep juggling all of those balls at once.) Also, thank you so very much for doing the radio show recently about eating disorders. What wonderful support for a hellish challenge. I applaud you for sharing your past struggles with an eating disorder. Also, I”m so glad you pointed out the strong link between sugar addiction and eating disorders. It makes perfect sense. Bless you and all you do!”
— Marni, Texas

“Great show, Connie. It’s the constant reinforcement that is such a huge help for me and, I’m sure, so may others. I’ve started on the list. Threw out all the bad stuff in the house. 🙂 Thanks again.”
— Karen

“Listened to your interview with Lisa Nichols [from The Secret]. Very good. Look forward to all of your interviews. Thanks so much. Can’t wait for your new book. Thanks again for all you do.”
— Maryann

“I LOVE your radio shows! The guests you have on are fantastic and so inspiring. I am learning so much by listening to your show. Thanks for all you do!”
— Jasmine, Oregon

“I’ve listened to your Gab With the Gurus Radio Show and you do a fantastic job of managing the flow, working with the guest and offering great content.”
— CeCe Cole, Another Host on Blog Talk Radio