Announcing the Exciting Follow Friday

Today it’s my pleasure to introduce Follow Friday, a new feature on my blog, which I’ll run two or more times a month. On Follow Friday, you’ll find out about awesome people, books, podcasts, non-profit organizations, healthy foods and other goodies.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Today, as you know, is Valentine’s Day, the Day of Love. You and your honey—if you have one—will likely do something special […]

7 Reasons to be Sugar-Free — 17th Anniversary!

I totally forgot to announce that I recently (on April 15) celebrated 17 years sugar-free.
Isn’t that entertaining — that eating healthy is so second nature to me that I simply overlooked my 17 years anniversary of being sugar-free, well, mostly.
Learn now about at least 7 Benefits from Being Sugar-Free.
Which of these seven reasons most appeals to you?