NASCAR Drivers Ditch The Junk Food & Peel Off Pounds

Well, this is heartening news indeed. Just as I’m getting downright weary and discouraged upon seeing seeing some celebrities pushing soda or other junk foods, NASCAR drivers such Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon are now ditching the junk food and ice cream and taking their health and fitness seriously.

Indeed, reporter Sarah Rothschild brings us up to speed on this trend in her fascinating Miami Herald article. She observes:

"Although success in NASCAR is defined by on-track performance, more drivers are becoming meticulous about their health. Some have hired professional nutritionists and personal trainers. Others are trying to regulate their diet and exercise on their own."

Darn, this is so cool!

Hey, all you celebs who willingly push fatty pizza, soda or other sugary foods, take a lesson from these smart, savvy NASCAR drivers. And kudos to Sarah Rothschild of the Miami Herald for observing and writing about this fitness phenomenon.