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Just thought I’d share the good news. After months and months of planning and lots of procrastinating on my part and my webmaster’s part, etc., my website,, has been remodeled.

It was just launched today!! Yeah!

This updated site is now much, much, much more search-engine friendly; more user-friendly to you, my dear readers; and more web-master friendly, too.

It also doesn’t take up your entire computer screen — we added some nice margins on both sides — to make it easier on your eyes.

Jason Saeler, the webmaster who did the entire rehaul says that the revamped will display more consistently on different browsers/computers, and it’s much, much easier to update. (In theory, I should be able to do it myself and avoid extensive webmaster fees. We’ll see about that — I’m not the most tech-y kind of person.)

In the coming months, I’ll be adding lots more content, but I was eager to get the remodeled site up.

Check out the remodeled site and let me know what you think.

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