Testimonials from Members of the Media

“Connie was a great guest. She really knows her subject and the passion comes through too, which is inspirational! I encourage people to go ´Beyond Sugar Shock´!”

–Hannah Murray, Presenter on Talk Radio Europe www.talkradioeurope.com

“If anybody knows how to knock out that sweet tooth, it’s Connie! She expresses a deep enthusiasm and knowledge about sugar, and she presented a very informative and visual interview. She has a great sense of humor about her experience with `Sugar Shock’ and was a pleasure to work with.”

–Lauren DiSanto, Segment Producer for Your Morning on CN8, www.cn8.tv, 2005 Mid-Atlantic EMMY for Outstanding Morning Newscast

“Connie Bennett makes a great guest on a topic of vital importance. Her message resonated with my `Health Talk’ radio audience!”

–Ronald L. Hoffman, M.D., Host of the nationally syndicated show, “Health Talk,” which airs on 39 stations nationwide

“Connie is a phenomenal interview…personable with a capital P. She provides information on sugar’s dangers and hidden sugars in a compelling fashion. Interviewing Connie Bennett is fun because she is so easy to understand. Connie explains what can be a complex subject in terms anyone can relate to.”

–Bob Salter, WFAN, New York City

“Connie was an interesting and informative guest. You’ll be shocked to learn how much sugar is in foods we think are healthy!”

–Joanie Greggains, Host, “The Joanie Greggains Show,” KGO Radio, San Francisco

“Connie, you were phenomenal! The lines were jammed for the entire show—that’s saying a lot! Look forward to having you back for another knockout show this Friday!” Your book SUGAR SHOCK! offers an important public health message whose time has come. We need to get the word out yesterday about sugar’s dangers.”

–Niki Guluchi, Host, “Page 2 Pantry,” KPFK Radio, Los Angeles

“Connie Bennett is a fun, charismatic guest. It’s impressive that she can make the subject of sugar addiction entertaining and quitting your habit inviting!”

–Jill Lane, Co-Host, One Life Radio, Dallas, Certified Nutrition Consultant and Exercise Physiologist

“Connie has the scoop on sugar. My radio audience got a new perspective on sugar’s deleterious effects on their health. Not only is sugar implicated in obesity and diabetes, but also in cancer and other degenerative diseases. The unique thing about Connie’s presentation is that the listeners have access to her for follow up via her blog and website, featuring lots of support and resources. Connie’s journalism background makes her book an easy and enjoyable read, while still being authoritative and informative. She speaks from experience, in a straight-forward, engaging manner. We had fun! Laughing and learning.” 

–William Thornton, DC – The Natural Health Report, KTYM 1460AM, Los Angeles

“Working with you was an absolute pleasure, and I am thrilled by the outcome of your interview [on ‘Seeking Solutions with Suzanne’]. Not only were you informative, but you were captivating as well. Please stay in touch and let us know about any future projects you may have.”

— Michele M. Huber, Segment Producer, “Seeking Solutions with Suzanne,” Stage 3 Productions

“Connie Bennett’s appearance on AM Ocala Live was entertaining, informative, and fun. Clearly, Connie has put a lot of research into her book, `Sugar Shock!,’ and she was able to share with our listening audience the affects of sugar on our physical bodies, as well as our emotional well being. Obviously, Connie also understands how to make an interview work by keeping it fast paced and fun while staying focused on delivering the important stuff! Thanks, again, Connie!”

–Larry Whitler, NewsTalk 1370 WOCA, Ocala, Florida

“I have been in radio all my life and have had the pleasure of meeting the most influential people in every walk of life. I’ve always been interested in clinical topics, because I want to help people and give them an option on how to deal with their health issues. For my talk show, `Talk Of The Town,’ we speak with doctors from all over the country, but my interview with Connie has changed my life. In her book SUGAR SHOCK!, she tells why and how… you’d better get a handle on your sugar addiction or you’re in a heap of trouble! She got through to me after years of my being hooked on sweets! I now have been off simple sugars for three weeks and feel like a different human! Thanks, Connie, for being so blunt and honest in your wonderful book `SUGAR SHOCK!’ Sometimes the sweet things in life don’t come from the sugar bowl!”

–Nelle Reagan, Host, “Talk Of The Town,” WRGA AM &FM, Rome, GA.

“Connie is always on top of the news and is able to tailor her expertise to the day’s health-related news story. She’s got the energy needed to jump right off of the dial!”

–Michael Patrick Shiels, host of the syndicated Michigan Talk Network Morning Show

“Connie Bennett is a woman on a mission to enlighten us about sugar consumption…how rampant it is and how it can affect our bodies and our minds. After you hear and read what she has to say, you’ll never look at food labels the same way again. Do yourself a favor and take her advice for just one week. You just may never turn back! She is very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject, and best of all she speaks from her own personal experience in taming this habit herself.”

–Cathy Blythe, host, “Problems & Solutions,” KFOR and KJSK, Columbus, Nebraska

“Connie does a clear, concise yet fun interview! We went to her in a pinch and she delivered. She’s conversational and really hits her message home!”

–Yolanda R. Arrington, Segment Producer, Daily Café, Retirement Living TV, Washington, DC

“I found Connie Bennett to be a very entertaining interview. She is candid about her personal struggles with sugar and carb-rich foods and how her life has now changed for the better. The research information in her book `Sugar Shock‘ was impressive, and her personality comes across with fun, conversational ease.”

— Andrea Perry, WMPZ, Chattanooga, Host of “Caring for the Community” Radio Health Show

“Connie was pure saccharin. She delighted my listeners with her humor and insight into one of the leading causes of obesity in America. She has a sharp wit and will make for a very entertaining interview.”

–Brian C. Greenberg, Host, “Greenberg News Show,” WNJC 1360 AM, Philadelphia

“SUGAR SHOCK! makes plain the scientific link between sugar, disease and premature aging. It exposes “Big Sugar” and the profit motive behind the sweetening of our entire food supply–a must read if you truly care about health. Connie’s commitment to a sugar-free lifestyle is admirable and inspiring.”

–Nathalie Thandiwe, host, ” Women: Body & Soul,” WBAI, New York City

“Connie has a polite, but in-your-face way of delivering the immense amount of information she gathered from her book, to the public. She is funny, well spoken and easy to ‘grill’ live on air. She and her book are sure to continue to be a big hit with all audiences!”

–Host Emil Cerullo and The New You Show Crew, KLLI, Dallas, thenewyoushow.com

“Connie is great radio with a better message. We can’t just say diabetes and obesity are problems and not do something about them.”

–Gary Doyle, host, “The Gary Doyle Show,” 570 NEWS, Kitchener, Ontario

“Connie Bennett’s appearance on AM Ocala Live was entertaining, informative, and fun. Clearly, Connie has put a lot of research into her book, `Sugar Shock!,‘ and she was able to share with our listening audience the affects of sugar on our physical bodies, as well as our emotional well being. Obviously, Connie also understands how to make an interview work by keeping it fast paced and fun while staying focused on delivering the important stuff! Thanks, again, Connie!”

–Larry Whitler, NewsTalk 1370 WOCA

“Connie gets it. She is funny, to the point, and provided information my listeners were surely talking about to their friends and colleagues that very day.”

— Michael Patrick Shiels, host, Michigan Talk Network’s “Big Show” (11 Stations across Michigan)

“Connie is a fun and entertaining interview on an important topic. I’ve sworn off Snickers bars.”

–Don Grant, Host, The Morning News, Radio 1380 KOTA, Rapid City, South Dakota

“As host of `The 11th Hour’ program on KHAC radio in New Mexico, I have interviewed many people over the last 11 years. Connie Bennett is at the top of the list for bringing information and inspiration to the audience with a very pleasant personality. Though I am a very health-conscious person, Connie awoke in me the desire to renew my efforts in confronting my addiction to sugar. Response from listeners was very positive and appreciative of the interview.”

–Pat Bullock, host, “The 11th Hour,” KHAC, New Mexico

“What a great interview! Connie Bennett was on my radio health show, and it was truly an informative hour. [This] former sugar addict clearly made a case to get off sugars and simple carbs. Best yet, Connie gave some great tips on how to get over the addiction and what to eat. I highly recommend her book SUGAR SHOCK! Her research is outstanding. The timing could not have been better with Halloween over and the upcoming holidays… Connie graciously offered a free book [on the air]. My screener said they had well over 60 calls! The topic truly hit a cord with my listeners.”

–Mimi Stoneburner, Host, “Body Talk,” K-TIP Radio, Porterville, CA.

“Connie, interviewing you on the NAVEL Talks radio show was my great pleasure, your energy and enthusiasm about the dangers of sugar were loud and clear, I am sure our listeners will be more conscious and much better off for having heard you, thanks for being a part of our program!”

— Alex Lubarsky, CEO, Health Media Group, Inc.

“The book is full of great information, and most importantly, Connie gives an interview that gets listeners interested.”

— Matt Bubala, host, “Good Parenting Radio”

“Thanks Connie for the interview. You were a fun, lively, informative, interactive guest.”

— Dr. Alberta Quaidoo, KKNW, Seattle, Washington

“Connie was a wealth of information about the dangers lurking in our kids Easter baskets. The information she provided made for great stories Easter weekend!”

— John Shaffer, News Anchor, Newstalk 720 KDWN, Las Vegas

“I promise you you will get a ‘kick’ out of Connie. Not only will she get you to stand up and take control of your of your life, but she will keep you laughing the entire way. She is truly ‘sweeter than sugar.’ Thanks again for the great interview you gave us.”

Robert Anthony, AM 1250 WSPL