Meet Cartoon Connie!

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Cartoon Connie.

In this cartoon, “That Was Then… This is Now…,” you’ll get a glimpse at how sugar turned me into a Sugar Shrew..

Please bear in mind that this isn’t someone I know anymore.

This is the discouraged, depressed, frustrated Connie of 1998 — the Connie, who was besieged by by a whopping 44 ailments, including heart palpitations, difficulty concentrating, and mood swings.

But kicking sweets turned my life around.

By licking all those processed sweets, life turned sweeterlicious (my word for sweeter, delicious, luscious, scrumptious, and sensuous).

Connie’s Story: That Was Then… This is Now…

cartoon ConnieI hope this cartoon entertains you in its outrageous, exaggerated version of my once, sugar-addicted reality.

Of courrse, I didn’t gorge on red licorice while cowering in closets, but this silly image certainly captures the flavor of my previous addiction. (Pun intended.)

Anyhow, now that I’ve kicked sugar, I urge others to discover the power of living sugarfree..

The transformation was extraordinary!

Now, I urge you to find the humor in your sugar addiction.

When you see the absurdity of your sugar addiction, it can help you to break free so you can get a life that’s sweeterlicious — that’s my word for sweeter, delicious, luscious, scrumptuous and sensuous.

Would you like help to let go of your sugar addiction?

I invite you to discovfer how to easily, even joyfully release your habit. Just get my book Beyond Sugar Shock.


Join the Conversation.

Can you relate to my story? If so, please comment now.

The Most Important Blog Post I Ever Wrote

HR Beyond Sugar Shock_RGBDear Wonderful Visitors to this Sugar Shock Blog,

This is the most important post  I’ve ever written.

As you no doubt know, obesity has skyrocketed among adults and youths alike; and children are on a track to die before their parents if they don’t change their unhealthy ways.

At the same time, coronary heart disease, cancer, stroke, type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease have become our nation’s top killers. You probably know — or love — someone who has suffered from one or all of these.

But all of the above diseases are largely preventable.

I call them The Preventable Big Killers. And ALL of these potentially fatal illnesses — and many more — can be caused by overdosing on sugar and/or refined carbs.

Think this doesn’t include you? That’s what I used to believe.

But the average American — and person in any civilized country is consuming (either consciously or unconsciously) HUGE amounts of sweets and quickie carbs on a DAILY if not many-times-a-day basis.

Each of you may be taking in roughly 170 to 228 pounds of sweeteners per year and another 200 pounds of sugar’s sinful sisters, which I dub “culprit carbs.”

And every day, it seems, the news gets more frightening.

One of my favorite recent studies revealed that sugar can make you dumb!

More research suggests that it can make you violent.

Your sweet tooth even can trigger type 2 diabetes, even though your doctor may vehemently deny it.

Simply put, millions worldwide are in Sugar Shock.

For the past decade, it has my personal mission to inspire and empower sugar
and carb addicts worldwide.

I want to help them (you?) Get a Life that Rocks™, as I like to put it. (I began coaching people to Sugar Freedom in 2002, four years after I reluctantly quit sugar on doctor’s orders after being waylaid by 44 debilitating ailments.)

So I invite you now: Help me to help transform the lives of millions of sugar and carb addicts around the world!



Join Me Tomorrow (Tuesday) & Email Your Friends, Loved Ones or Entire
Address Book to Get 
Beyond Sugar Shock 

Please join me tomorrow (Tuesday), starting at midnight.

On Tuesday, email your friends, fans, colleagues, health and wellness experts, etc. and invite them to buy my new book, Beyond Sugar Shock, all day and night.

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By the way, Beyond Sugar Shock already has been praised by numerous empowering gurus and wellness experts, including Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Daniel Amen, Brian Tracy, Dr. Joe Vitale, Kathy Smith, Marci Shimoff, and many others.

Joshua Rosenthal, founder and director of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition — which I attended in 2005-2006 — was even kind enough to write the foreword.

On Tuesday, the official launch day for my new book Beyond Sugar Shock, my intention is to reach millions across the world with powerful, nourishing, life-changing messages about the joy, excitement and exhilaration of Sugar Freedom.

But I can ONLY reach and HELP millions with your HELP!

So please help me to help millions take back their Sugar Power!

Millions need to discover how to break the seductive, powerful hold that tempting sweets and quickie carbs have over them.

Millions need to stand strong in the face of clever, deceptive marketing of dangerous junk foods and empty-calorie sugary beverages.

Millions need to get back their energy, vitality, and sex drive.

And, of course, millions need to slim down and get healthy.


Beyond Sugar Shock Helps People (You?) Break Free

Beyond Sugar Shock is designed to empower, educate and inspire sugar addicts and carb junkies of any size (yes, even slim people can be hooked).

My goal is to help them – you? — easily, effortlessly, joyfully, even gleefully break free of this dangerous
addiction to sweets and quickie carbs.

Just letting go of your sugar addiction can quickly peel off pounds, help you improve your
focus, and even boost your libido.

(Just read Michele’s Sweet Success Story in Beyond Sugar Shock.)


Quitting Sugar Can Be Tough: My Goal is to Make it Easy, Effortless and Fun for You

Let’s face it, kicking or cutting back on a sugar or carb habit can be one of the toughest
challenges you’ll ever face.

That’s why I’m determined to make this simple for you.

And that’s why it’s absolutely necessary for you to put on a sweet suit of armor. You want to discover and use cutting-edge tools and tactics that strengthen and empower you so food manufacturers can’t seduce you to you eat their processed, nutrient-lacking junk just to boost their bottom line—which can add extra pounds to your bottom.

But sugar does a lot more than just make you fat, as I pointed out earlier. Lately, you’ve even
probably heard the phrase, “sugar is toxic.

You also may have seen the provocative “60 Minutes” piece on the subject reported by Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

It’s easy to ignore this sugar-is-toxic warning. Even back in 1998, I knew that sugar was
bad for me, but I still indulged. (Learn my story in Chapter 1 of Beyond Sugar Shock.)

Now, I urge you to ask yourself: Are you, too, cheating yourself because you mindlessly stuff
those nutrient-poor silly sweets or quickie carbs into your mouth?

It would be my pleasure and privilege if you’d allow me to help you, your loved ones, friends
or colleagues easily break free of your sugar or carb addiction.

In fact, it’s my burning mission. Let me guide you to the Luscious Land of Sugar Freedom and Carb 

My desire to help you is why I poured my heart (and many years) into this book and the
companion Sugar Freedom Now Course.

Why am I so committed to helping you regain your Sugar Power?

Because when you undertake recommended Adventurcises (adventurous exercises) and
other suggested activities in Beyond Sugar Shock, you’ll experience a massive transformation
unlike anything you’ve ever 

That’s my prediction — no, my promise to you.

Sure, your goal may be just to lose weight, and yes, you will easily peel off extra pounds, but that’s only a small piece of the story.

Letting go of your sugar or carb addiction will turn your life around. It will make happier, sexier, stronger, more focused and balanced.

You’ll be a far better you without needing to rely on carbs as your crutch.

So, I invite you: will you tell your fans, loved ones, colleagues and acquaintances about Beyond Sugar
 on Tuesday, June 5?

Just send them to ==>>

Now, let’s take back our Sugar Power!


Wishing you a Life that’s Sweeterlicious (That’s my word for Sweeter, delicious, scrumptious, luscious and elicious, and sensuous)


Connie Bennett, CHHC, CPC, ACC
Your Sugar Freedom Coach Author,
Sugar Shock! and Beyond Sugar Shock

P.S. It will be a pleasure to connect with many of you on Facebook or in my Sugar Freedom Now

P.P.P.S. Stay tuned for many exciting free Beyond Sugar Shock Book Launch programs
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Bloggers, Wellness Experts, Authors, Health Coaches, Low-Carb Advocates & More: Join My Bestseller Book Launch for Beyond Sugar Shock on Tuesday, June 5: Help Build Grass Roots Momentum & Buzz

bestseller bookAttention:

Mommy and health bloggers, wellness experts, authors, health coaches (who, like me, are graduates of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition), low-carb advocates, Paleo gurus, and former sugar addicts, as well as stay-at-home moms, business executives, struggling sugar addicts and others interested in health and wellness,

Please help me to help millions of sugar adddicts or carb addicts around the world.

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We’ve done more to make this easy for you. Go here to get copy for your ezine (long, medium or short in length), as well as Facebook posts, tweets and LinkedIn comments.

Join our massive grass-roots effort to reach people who need help to gain control over their sugar or carb addiction and Get a Life that Rocks™, as I like to put it.

Why Millions Need Our Help: Sugar Is Toxic & It Can Kill You Before Your Time

Why do millions need our help? And why can Beyond Sugar Shock come to the rescue? Because the average person in the U.S. — perhaps you? — consumes at least 170 pounds of sugar and other sweeteners such as high fructose corn syrup, crystalline fructose, etc. per year. Insider figures cite far higher figures — 228 pounds per person per year! (In Great Britain and other civilized countries, sugar consumption rates are high, too.)

In addition, the typical U.S. resident — you again? — unthinkingly takes in nearly 200 pounds per year of sugar’s culpable cousins — refined white-flour products such as white bread, white-flour pasta, white bread, mashed potatoes, and white rice. All these processed foods — what I call quickie carbs or much-like sugar carbs — also are speedily metabolized in our bodies.

All those sweets and refined carbs put you into Sugar Shock often. That means these quickie trigger elevated blood sugar levels, repeatedly over-stimulate insulin release, cause excessive inflammation, and pave the way for nearly 150 devastating, mostly preventable diseases or conditions, including obesity (of course), but also heart disease, blood sugar disorders (from hypoglycemia to type 2 diabetes), cancer, and even Alzheimer’s disease.

To put it bluntly, if you put yourself into Sugar Shock on a regular basis — as most people in civilized countries do — you can get fat and sick, and die well before your time.

Will You Join Us to Help Save People’s Health, Moods, Inner Peace, Relationships & More?

So will you join our worldwide effort to help millions of people worldwide to shed pounds, become more energetic, reverse or halt type 2 diabetes, prevent heart disease or cancer, and even boost their libido? Yes, quitting or cutting back on sugar and refined carbs can do all of that — and much more, as you can learn in Beyond Sugar Shock.

How Will this Book Help Sugar or Carb Addicts? And How Did it Come About? 

You’re probably wondering why I think this book is special. Well, in Beyond Sugar Shock, I present a six-week Mind-Body-Spirit program, that gently, compassionately takes sugar or carb addicts on a fun, empowering adventure so they can easily, joyously release their dangerous, potentially deadly habit.

Briefly, here’s the back story. Beyond Sugar Shock has been about 14 years in the making.

Back in 1998, when I quit sugar on doctor’s orders, I didn’t know how to go about doing it. So while kicking sugar, I began to create simple techniques to help me easily let go of my over-attraction to those tempting sweets. In Beyond Sugar Shock, I share these easy tools.

Then in 2002, four years after quitting sugar, I began in earnest to coach people to achieve that exhilarating state I now call Sugar Freedom. At the same time, I interviewed hundreds of experts to learn about sugar’s dangers and to discover new cool tools, which I also share in Beyond Sugar Shock. (In between, my first book, Sugar Shock, also was published, and much to my joy, it was even praised by Dr. Mehmet Oz. Dr. Stephen T. Sinatra was the medical consultant, and Dr. Nicholas Perricone wrote the foreword.)

Beyond Sugar Shock  — which has been endorsed by Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Daniel Amen, Joe Vitale, Marci Shimoff, John Assaraf and many others — gives sugar and carb addicts what they need and seek. (That’s my intention, at least!

In fact, this book is what I would have loved to have in 1998, when my physician insisted that quitting sugar would make all 44 of my awful ailments disappear. (He was right!)

How to Join the Beyond Sugar Shock Book Launch 

It’s simple to join us. Here are the 2 quick steps to take:

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Attention, Bloggers: Another way to join our Beyond Sugar Shock Book Launch is to blog about this book or to post a review. We’re also offering you two books — one for you and one to give away as a prize. For details on the Blogger Book Launch, please contact me, and I’ll send you details.

Note to Colleagues of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition: When you get involved with my book launch, I’ll help you help your sugar-addicted clients. In fact, on June 28, I’m hosting a private program just IIN-ers. Please contact me to get details.

Here’s a quick reminder how to join us:

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By the way, you may be wondering why I’m holding a grassroots effort. Suffice it to say that in these times of social media, as an author, you have an amazing opportunity to directly reach many of the people you serve, which is very exciting.

Also, did you know that launching a book is a huge endeavor, and if your budget is limited, you need to use some innovative ways to get the word out? That’s why I am so very grateful in advance for your help so that I can help sugar addicts worldwide.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining us!

Questions? I’m here for you. Just ask away. 

Easter or Passover: You’re Stronger Than These “Treats”

EastereggsWith Easter around the corner and Passover here, sugary “treats” will inevitably tempt you.

That’s our world’s sugary reality.

My role today is to help you to be at peace with that situation.

So let me prepare you as you face those enticing chocolate malt balls (my favorites back in 1998),
chocolate marshmallow eggs, Easter sugar cookies, rugelah, Haroset (that’s appple, cinnamon, honey, and wine), and more.

Whenever you view these sugary temptations, I invite you to arm and protect yourself with four quickie tactics.

1) When you see sweets, think “I am stronger than these desserts. I am strong enough to say no! I can say no.”

2) Look at these desserts with wonder and curiosity — as if you were a child. Try to discover why these sweets look so darn shiny, tempting or delectable. If packaged cookies are seemingly calling out to you,
study that food label carefully — as if you were cramming for a final exam!

If a friend or family member made the dessert, politely ask her or him (if you have a good relationship), what ingredients she used to create such a beautiful and enticing dish.

3) Before you dip your fork or finger into any of these “treats,” ask yourself, “Why
am I doing this?”

4) If you choose to have any desserts or “treats,” make sure to savor it BIG TIME. And decide in advance how to sete some limits. Choose ahead of time exactly how many bites you’ll have.

When you’ve reached your allotment, get off the table, and think to yourself, “I love myself enough to stop now.”

5) Inwardly boast, “I did it! I did it!” I took control over my sugar habit! Woo Hoo!”

I hope these tips help you have a glorious Easter and/or Passover.

Remember, you are strong, and you have the power to choose what goes into
your lovely body.

And remember, if you want to nibble, you can always choose hard-boiled eggs (which are full of wonderful nutrients — even the yolks) and vegetables.

Have a wonderful Easter or Passover.

By the way, stay tuned for an announcement of my FR*EE Teleseminar on Wed., April 18 at 5 pm PST (8 pm EST) on “7 Habits that Keep You Tracked In Your Sugar Addiction — and How to Break Free.”


3 Gifts to Have a Sweeter Holiday Season

0511-1001-0321-2234_Happy_People_Dancing_Retro_Silhouette_clipart_imageFor many of you, the holiday season is filled with anxiety, stress, financial worries, loneliness, family arguments, gift-giving concerns, many irritations (from flight delays to family squabbles) and many tasty temptations — mostly high-calorie and sugar-filled that you find hard to resist but that pack on the pounds, sap your energy and ruin your moods.

 In fact, many people leave the holiday season feeling drained, deprived and 5 or more pounds heavier.

But I'm here to help you lose weight, get organized, become more organized, joyful, calm down, look younger, plan a vision for the future, attract abundance, and much more.

In other words, my goal is to bring you peace of mind, happiness, and super-simple cool tools to start using so you can have a Sweeter Holiday Season. 

Therefore, it's my pleasure to give you three special gifts.

All three gifts were the opening programs in last year's much-acclaimed Sweeter Holiday Season, which featured a whopping 38 programs featuring a Who's Who in the fields of health, wealth, fitness, personal empowerment, feng shui, organizing, happiness, Law of Attraction, and so much more.

So here are the gifts you're getting now:

Your First Gift with Law of Attraction Guru John Assaraf

John_assaraf_150pxwidthFor your first gift, you'll get inspired and educated by the remarkable John Assaraf, one of the stars of The Secret, founder of several multi-million dollar companies, a Spiritual Entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author.

In our special program, John — who is also a Law of Attraction expert and certified life coach — will help you ll discover:

* What's blocking you from abundance.
* How the super-successful John didn't come from a family of scholars or multimillionaires, but somehow he managed to learn about quantum physics and neuroscience and build several 5 multimillion dollar companies and write a couple of New York Times bestselling books along the way.

  • How oceans and stars are not the last frontier for mankind but the human brain is.
  • Why some people achieve enormous business and financial success while others don't.
  • How there is an inner game to wealth and success and an outer game.
  • Why it's so hard for people to change.
  • What are the exact steps people can take to change from the inside out so that their results are 5,10 20 times better in the next 12-24 months.
  • How some people settle for less than what they can achieve and how you can easily break free from that pattern, achieve huge transformations; and become incredibly confident.
  • How to find out about John's super-sophisticated, amazing brain training program (which I love).

Your Second Gift with America's Relaxation Expert Darrrin Zeer

Darrin-zeerFor your second gift with Relaxation Expert Darrin Zeer, you'll get some very simple, fast techniques to tame your stres.

For instance, you'll discover:

* How to do what Darrin calls "The Bear Claw."
* How to calm down with "The Ragdoll Pose."
* What to do if you get headaches.
* How to do "Keyboard Calisthenics.:
* How to do something called "Email Meditation" (yes, meditation!)
* How to do the "Really Fun Laughter Exercise."

Your Third Gift with the Renowned "FlyLady" Marla Cilley

Flylady_toonThen, your final gift — also from the Sweeter Holiday Summit — comes from the renowned "FlyLady" Marla Cilley, who will give you tools galore to help you get through the holidays. For instance, Marla will reveal:

* How to change your life in 15-minute increments.
* How to crisis-clean your home.
* What to do which days of the week so you don't feel so overwhelmed.
* How to avoid last-minute, gift wrapping challenges.
* What to do before you go to holiday parties.
* How to put the fun in your cleaning and decluttering endeavors.
* How to give "action" gifts.
* How to go on a "cruise" this holiday season.
* And much more. 

These three programs were all part of the Sweeter Holiday Summit, last year's amazing program, during which You'll also get one bonus gift on "How to Relieve Holiday Stress."

In this program, with Love Hypnotist Debra Berndt, author of Let Love In, you'll get easy ways to calm down quickly, no matter where you are. 

To get your three exciting gifts (and the one bonus gift, go here:

    How You Found Us

Make sure to tell me how you like your gifts and what A Hah moments you've had. Just talk to us on my Facebook fan page.

Sugar Shock Readers: What Would You Like in My Next Book? (Last Call)

Attention, readers of my first book, Sugar Shock.

Amazon Sug Sh 51RDZ7DBVAL._SL110_ This is the last call for any ideas on what to include in my next book.

I'm now making last-minute changes and editing to my next book, The Sugar Shock Diet,which will be released next year by Hay House. (Here's the original announcement.)

My next book will provide you a simple, six-week mind-body-spirit plan that will allow you to easily cut back on those quickie carbs so you can shed excess weight, boost your libido, increase your energy, and much more.

Please, dear readers of Sugar Shock, as I'm doing final rewriting and editing for Sugar Shock Diet, tell me what you'd like to see included.

What would make your life easier and sweeter?

Please tell us now, on this Sugar Shock Blog, and on the Facebook Smart Habits Fans Page what you'd like to see in this next book.

Cherish Your Cravings

Break Free Small Side Image preord4 If you're like most people around the world, your cravings for chocolate, candies or chips often get the best of you — especially late at night in front of the fridge, in mid-afternoon when the ice cream truck rolls around or mid-morning, when the vending machine "calls out" to you.

But, like millions, within a few minutes of “acting out” – caving into chocolate, chips or soda – you feel discouraged, depressed and downright disappointed in yourself, right?

Don't you just HAT*E the fact that you can’t say “No!” to quickie-carb temptations? Isn't it annoying and aggravating that your sugar cravings won’t leave you alone? And aren't you just disgusted with yourself for your lack of self-control?

Wait a minute! I will NOT let you beat up on yourself! 

Instead, I'm here to give you another way to look at those cravings. Let me present a gentle, loving, grateful way to approach them.

Your sugar cravings — or other cravings — aren’t your enemies there frustrate, annoy or ruin you!  Of course, if you keep giving into these carb clamorings, you may set yourself up for obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease, hypoglycemia, depression, Alzheimer's disease and many more life-threatening ailments.

Instead, your sugar or other cravings are your body’s smart way of whispering to you valuable clues, revealing vital messages and offering you importance guidance as to what you need and when.

Think about it.

When that gotta-have-a-certain-food-feeling strikes, your body is nudging you.

Your body is murmuring, or maybe even shouting,  “Please pay attention to me! You’re not giving me
what I need!”

Well, I invite you to begin right now to greet your Whispering or Yelling Sugar Cravings with the zeal of

Yes, trust your cravings. Have confidence in your cravings. Rely on them, because your cravings know best what your body needs.

Take a moment now to begin to Decode Your Cravings™ (as I call it).

Please join me in a quick exercise. Pretend you’re slipping out of your body as you would yesterday’s clothes. Now imagine that you’re watching yourself on a movie screen.

Then, quietly listen to your cravings and see what comes up. To get you started, here are 3 of at least 15 messages your body may be giving you.

1. “You’re not giving me enough sleep! I’m going to give you sugar cravings until I get those necessary zzzs.” (That used to be a big one for me. Whenever I was tired, my carb cravings came on in full force.)

2. “I’m desperate. Please give me some water! Quench my thirst now or I’ll give you sugar cravings to attract your attention!”

3. “Give me protein! I need organic eggs, grass-fed chicken or high-quality fish—and now.”

Remember, I’ve only shared 3 of about 15 messages your body is sharing with you. (You can learn the other 12 in my Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction in 6 Weeks Program.

So are you ready to greet your cravings cordially — and even put out the welcome mat?

Again, please understand that your cravings are your  body’s smart of pleading with you to be more conscious, mindful and loving of it so it can do its work for you.

Your cravings are BEGGING you to give your body what it needs.

Nowadays, one of my burning missions is to help millions of you Decode Your Sugar Cravings™. 

In fact, for 12 years now, I’ve been gathering ideas on how to squash cravings from thousands of sugar addicts and hundreds of experts.

In my current Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction in 6 Weeks Program, for instance, you get at least 50 Tips to Topple Your Sugar Cravings™.

And next week, I'll share one really simple, valuable, cutting edge, cravings-squashing technique that’s received rave reviews for its effectiveness. (Stay tuned.)

As you may recall, I'm now at work on my next book, Beyond Sugar Shock for Hay House, which offers a six-week program to release your sugar or carb habit. But you don't need to wait until my book comes out in early 2012 to learn how to Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction in 6 Weeks. Just go to

By the way, please note that the current Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction Program began Tuesday, but you can just listen to an audio replay to join us. Incidentally, in this interactive course, you’ll get Motivating Messages, interviews with experts, coaching and Q & A sessions. Plus, you’ll discover many
exciting tools and techniques, including (1) what 1 word in the English language to avoid; (2) what 1 activity that many view negative is powerful to conquer cravings and (3) how to have fun quitting or cutting back on sugar (you heard me right!). Join us now at

If you're new to my Sugar Shock Blog, you may be wondering why I'm ideal to help you Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction in 6 Weeks. Here are 10 reasons:
(1) Kicking sugar is easy for you with this program.
(2) I’ve been sugar-free (about 98 percent) for 12 years.
(3) I can feel your pain, frustration and anguish because I used to have a sugar addiction, carb addiction and (years earlier) an eating disorder.
4) This Break Free Program has been in development for 12 years, and what’s included is based on the needs, wishes and desires of people like you.
5)Already, I’ve helped thousands of Successful Sugar Kickers around the world.
6) The price is super right and very low. Right now, you pay only $147 for 6 live teleseminars/webinars, 7 bonus audios, laser coaching, short Motivating Messages and Question & Answer sessions.
7) I’ve received extra training to help you—that’s why I became a certified health coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a certified life coach with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.
(8) I’m author of the book Sugar Shock, for which I interviewed hundreds of recognized physicians, nutritionists, researchers and health advocates. Sugar Shock has been praised by numerous people, including Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Marilu Henner and more.
(9) Your questions will be answered in this program.
10) I’m still adding tools and tips based on your requests. (In fact, yesterday, after a Break Free
participant expressed worries about her particular situation, I added a bonus program to give
solutions to this common challenge.  When you sign up at, you’ll learn about this subject—it’s hot. Hope to "see you" soon to help you Decode Your Sugar Cravings™ and Get Sweeter Naturally™. 

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The Rats Who Preferred Sugar Over Cocaine

Here’s a Letter I Sent to My Mailing List, which is now making its way around the Internet.

Have you heard about the rats who found sugar or saccharin more tantalizing than cocaine?

That’s right, in a fascinating study, most of the critters studied — a whopping 94 percent — wanted sugar or saccharin, NOT cocaine.




Anyhow, today, while doing some research for my next book,  Beyond Sugar Shock — the follow-up to my first book Sugar Shock — I was reminded of this fascinating study from Dr. Serge Ahmed, a scientist with the University of Bordeaux in France.

Last year, I had the pleasure of meeting Serge while on a ferry en route to a Food Addiction conference on IslandWood, Bainbridge Island to give fitness guru Jack LaLanne a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Incidentally, LaLanne, who turns 96 on Sept. 26, has been sugar-free for more than EIGHT decades.
(By the way, you can listen to a special radio interview I conducted with Jack here.)

Back to the glorious commuter boat ride with Dr. Serge Ahmed.

Just imagine: There I am, grateful to have the good fortune to hang out with one of the most fascinating scientists, who is studying my top area of interest, sugar addiction!

In fact, I’ve been so intrigued by the topic that Chapter 9, “Proof Pours In: New Studies Show That You Can Become Dependent on Sweets,” was the first one I wrote for my book Sugar Shock.

So there Serge and I are on the ferry. After practicing my rusty French on him, I asked Serge (in English this time so I wouldn’t miss anything) about his sugar addiction research.

Serge ahmed Now, just imagine Serge speaking with his adorable French accent.

He told me, “Connie, I was so surprised. We discovered that sugar may be as addictive as cocaine.”

You had to see Serge’s face to get a sense of this monumental discovery.

His eyebrows lifted. His eyes grew big. His face registered shock. He moved his hands about dramatically.

The next day, at the conference, Serge laid out his findings in more detail to the attendees of this event, called “Food Addiction: The Obesity Epidemic Connection.”

The title of Serge’s presentation told it all. It posed the question, “Is Sugar as Addictive as Cocaine?”

Ultimately, Serge and his research team discovered that intense sweetness “is much more rewarding and probably more addictive than intravenous cocaine.”

Or, to put it another way, the French scientists’ findings “clearly demonstrate that intense sweetness can surpass cocaine reward, even in drug-sensitized and drug-addicted individuals.”

In the booklet presented to Food Addiction conference attendees, Serge concludes: “When society finally discovers that refined sugar is just another white powder, along with pure cocaine, it will change its mind and attitude toward refined food addiction.”

Hoebel At the same conference, I also had the pleasure of meeting renowned addiction researcher Dr. Bartley Hoebel of Princeton University’s Neuroscience Institute, whose work I mentioned in a recent AOL News story about Ellen DeGeneres and Jeff Garlin kicking sugar. What a treat!

As I discussed in my book Sugar Shock, Dr. Hoebel — who has been studying sugar addiction for 10 years — found that sugar can act on the brain in ways similar to drugs of abuse.

Dr. Hoebel’s rats even went into withdrawal symptoms within a half hour of being administered the opiate blocker naloxone.

Their “teeth started chattering,” Dr. Hoebel told me.

“They waved their heads back and forth. Their forepaws quivered. They acted anxious in a maze test. These are all signs of sugar withdrawal. They weren’t as pronounced as what we see with morphine, but it was withdrawal.”

What happened? Well, Dr. Hoebel thinks that “sugar triggered production of the brain’s natural opiates
or morphinelike compounds.”

Wait a minute!

But the rats didn’t have drugs. They just had sugar!

The rats would rather go into sugar shock than have cocaine!

So why am I bringing up these addiction studies?

Because, if you have an overpowering sugar habit, I want you to know that this addictive feeling is NOT all in your head. You actually can get hooked.

But more importantly, I’m here to bring you hope. You CAN cut out your pesky sugar or carb cravings.

Certainly, you can try on your own, but, well, it can be really tough, and frankly, I wouldn’t wish this cutting-loose-on-your-own on anyone!

That’s why for over 12 years — ever since I kicked sugar myself — I’ve been developing a program to
help you Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction — and to help you release your habit easily.

Alas, back in 1998, I used to be like those sugar-clamoring rats. (Are you, too?) But, thankfully, that’s history, and I no longer crave sugary foods. You heard me right. You should know is that I do NOT miss the substance. Honest!

So, my mission these days is to show you that you don’t have to be consumed by these gotta-have-
sugar-NOW feelings. You can achieve Sugar Liberation!

And, if you allow me, it would be my honor to take you to that delicious state of Sugar Freedom.

Just think: When you remove sugar from your diet (or at least cut back on your intake), you will get benefits galore! For instance:

  • Your weig*ht could easily peel off
  • You could become more cheerful
  • You may concentrate better
  • You may say bye-bye to severe PMS, infertility or a horrible menopause.
  • You could get along better with loved ones.
  • You could have a revved-up libido.
  • You may have lots of energy — more so than you’ve had in years.
  • And more.

And those are just a few of the many benefits!

Given that I used to be hooked on sweets myself, I don’t want you to be like those sugar-craving rats!
So it would be my honor to help you Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction in 6 Weeks.

Please note that next Tuesday, I again begin holding my Break Free Program, and I’d love to have you.

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You may think that this program will run you around $400 to $700. But I’m offering this Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction in 6 Weeks program for the ultra-reasonable rate of $147. People hae been asking me why it’s so low (only about $3.50 a day for the 42-day program).

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It would be my pleasure to serve you and to guide you to Sugar Liberation. “See you” soon?



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Connie Bennett, Author, Sugar Shock  and Beyond Sugar Shock (Upcoming/Hay House)

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