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Clear Clutter to Move Forward

If you’re getting over a trauma, sugar addiction or heartbreak, one of the best things you can do is to clear clutter.

Even your health can suffer if you become a pack rat.

But when you clear clutter, you can get:

During the past few days, I’ve been determined to Clear My Clutter. And I’ve lost 10 pounds just going through piles of paper, CDs and notebooks filled with my notes from conferences. Wait… I lied, well, sort of.

OK, I’m exaggerating. I haven’t actually shed 10 pounds, but it certainly feels like I’ve released 20, 30, even 50 pounds of excess emotional weight, which have been dragging me down and holding me back for four-plus years, ever since my Mom died.

I’m now a raving fan about the joys of clutter clearing!

What an enormous load is being lifted. And I’m still going strong.

What a relief to shred and then recycle mounds of old notes from conferences, listen to dozens of CDs to pick which ones to save and which to donate, and temporarily set aside awesome reusable items.

But I haven’t just gone through stacks of documents.

I’ve been clearing another kind of clutter, too.

As hard as it’s been to do, I’ve also been reluctantly letting go of some personal and professional relationships. Or circumstances became such that these people — all awesome — did the letting go, but, I suspect, at my subconscious bidding.

No offense meant to people by calling them clutter, but some of these people were dragging me down, depressing me every time we spoke, pushing me too hard or not hard enough, had different goals and ultimately, were in the way of my realizing my dreams. Although it’s been painful to call it quits with some of these people,  it’s been important to do.

Good news for those of you who often driven by your carb or sugar cravings.

It’s been so incredibly easy to eat healthy, because I’m being true to myself and my needs.

So why am I determined to Clear My Clutter?

Because I’m sending a message to the Universe that I’m ready to move into my ideal home.

Because I’m telling God or whoever that I’m ready to Take Back My Power.

Because I’m paving the way for goodies (healthy ones, of course) to come into my life.

Admittedly, I haven’t found my new home yet — or have I? — but I’m eagerly looking forward to settling into an awesome home from which to serve you better.

So I’m off to Clear Clutter.


Join the Conversation: Have you, too, ever cleared clutter?

What did it do for you? How did it make you feel?


Note from Connie: Please forgive the non-recycling lady but it’s the best image we could find for this post.

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One thought on “Clear Clutter to Move Forward

  1. I am an unbelievable hoarder and have piled up clothing to be bagged for the charity shop. I just can’t bring myself to bag it up and take it. I keep looking at it, thinking I’ll do it later. It’s been there two weeks.

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