Coca-Cola Defends Pesticides in Soft Drinks

As if the sugar content isn’t bad enough, now Coca-Cola is downplaying concerns over the reported high pesticide content in its fruit-based drinks in the U.K. and claiming there’s no need to change its products.

A Coke spokespeson even told a UK publication that there was no danger to consumers from its Fanta brand of orange and lemon carbonated drinks after the products were mentioned in a report about pesticides. You’ve got to be kidding.

I guess Coke people also believe that there’s also no danger to consumers if you consume a soda a day. Excuse the sarcasm, but a Coke a day sure doesn’t keep the doctor away.

Of course, as my book SUGAR SHOCK! revealed, all those soft drinks lead to health ailments galore.

One thought on “Coca-Cola Defends Pesticides in Soft Drinks

  1. So true! I keep trying to tell my friends and family to read labels and be careful about the things they consume instead of relying on government to “protect” them.

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