Cravings-Crushing Monday’s 1 Year Birthday

Do you feel hounded, harassed or even haunted by the most overpowering, demanding, impossible-to-ignore cravings? Since millions of people struggle with cravings, which make them pig out on sugary, fatty, salty, flour-filled junk foods? A year ago today, realizing the massive need, I began to serve with a new feature, Cravings-Crushing Monday.

Every Monday, I began to help those of you who get wild, irrational, insistent urges for stripped, nutrient-deprived, ultra-refined snacks and “treats,” which pounce on you like menacing lions ready to demolish their doomed prey?

So please join us every Monday (often, starting on Sunday), so you’ll stop bingeing with speed, ferocity and mindlessness like a runaway train that’s gone off its tracks.

Every Cravings Crushing Monday™ , I’ll share fast, easy, convenient tips to help you easily thrive and rise above your Crazy Cravings in this fast, convenience-driven world.

On Cravings-Crushing Mondays, you’ll discover:

  • Why Crazy Cravings chase you and how or why you’ll continue to be a target;
  • The biggest reasons people get Crazy Cravings;
  • Quick, powerful tools, which have been either discovered by scientists from universities or hospitals around the world;
  • How your cravings are not your fault;
  • The tragic and potentially deadly consequences of your Crazy Cravings;
  • How to welcome your Crazy Cravings — seriously — because they give you valuable information;
  • How the food industry thrives on your having Crazy Cravings;
  • Simple, effective tactics that I created, tested and retested, and then validated them to discover how or why they work;
  • And much more.

So how did Cravings-Crushing Mondays come to be?

  • Since millions blow their diets over the weekend, Monday is the best day to start a new diet or get back on track.
  • So the first day of the week, I began to inspire, educate and guide you every week with fast, convenient, science-backed tips and pointers so you can easily eat clean despite our fast, convenience-driven culture.
  • Admittedly, I was inspired to create Cravings-Crushing Monday after my massive Carb Relapse in late 2011 to mid-2012, after the grueling, year-long terminal illness and difficult death of my Mom.
  • My Crazy Cravings made me discouraged, frustrated and really angry.
  • So while recovering from massive PTSD, mammoth grief and upsetting, unexpected shocks (that changed my future), I began to research the subject of cravings.
  • While learning and inventing new tools, I realized that I hadn’t adequately covered the subject of cravings in my first two books, Sugar Shock and Beyond Sugar Shock. That made me realize the time was right for a new book, Crush Your Cravings and a new Crush Your Cravings Virtual Boot Camp. (Stay tuned, because a new program begins shortly.)
  • My goal is now to help you to easily, effortlessly achieve Sweet Cravings Freedom, Take Back Your Willpower and Enjoy a Sweeter Life Naturally.

So join us on Cravings-Crushing Monday. And spread the word about Cravings-Crushing monday to your junk-foods-loving friends, colleagues, and social media contacts. See you next Monday.