Dr. Mark Hyman, JJ Virgin & More Help You in Upcoming Sugar World Summit

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health expertsMore and more world-renowned experts are coming on board for the Sugar World Summit.

This virtual event will feature leading internationally acclaimed experts in sugar addiction, weight loss, mindful eating, cravings, the food-mood connection and more.

The Sugar World Summit — which will begin October 17, exactly two weeks before Halloween — will help you discover both The Sour Scoop and Sweet Solutions.

Here’s an updated list.

Among those who’ve already agreed to participate are:

You’ll also hear from such scientists and practicing physicians as:

We’ll also be joined by our sugar-conscious allies from all over the world, including:

In some of the programs, I’ll conducting the interview along with an esteened journalist or blogger. For instance, I’ll be joined by:

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Please join our new Sugar World Summit Facebook page, too.

4 thoughts on “Dr. Mark Hyman, JJ Virgin & More Help You in Upcoming Sugar World Summit

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