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Feel-Good Tunes: Suggest More!

Dance highres_13277920 Do you listen every day to certain musical favorites that make you feel powerful, centered and motivated?

Here are a few tunes that encourage and uplift me.

In fact, I've been listening to while writing on deadline my next book, Beyond Sugar Shock (for Hay House).

More specifically, I boogie to these tunes during rest-my-back-and-brain breaks, which I'm taking about every 20 minutees or so. (I'm even setting a timer to remind myself to get off my you-know-what.)

The songs I'm mentioning below either move me (emotionally) or make me want to move!

Join me and boogie your way to feeling good, weight loss and inner joy!

Here's Enya enticing you to get out of your funk with "Age of Loneliness," which you can listen to, courtesy of YouTube.

For you heartbroken or lonely single or divorced women feeling like you need a mood boost, first get inspired by the old tune, It's Raining Men, with the Weather Girls, then Beyonce's Single Ladies, then Rihannna's feat  (ft. Nicki Minaj)

Now, I dare you to dance non-stop to this Feel-Good Tune from Yanni, The Storm. I love, love, love dancing to this. It's such an amazing tune. You can buy a DC with that tune and many others here.

Now, here's a melody to make you feel victorious, thanks to U2's City of Blinding Lights.

Now, here are two of many, many suggestions offered by JJ Virgin in her book, Six Weeks to Sleeveless and Sexy. Check out the amazing list of JJ's favorite Workout Music on pages 175 to 180.

Have fun boogying to Mony, Mony from Billy Idol.

And now here's the upbeat, fun-to-dance-to Livin' on a Prayer from Bon Jovi.

Get dozens more Feel-Good or Comfort Tunes here. I've been working on that list for months, and thanks to volunteers, Facebook friends and interns, I've gotten a lot of suggestions.

Most of them also feature YouTube videos (usually, when possible) and links to buy some of the songs.

What tunes bring you out of your funk and transport you to a place of possibility? Please suggest some, but first check here to see if I've already included it.

Listen now to dozens more Feel-Good or Comfort Tunes here.

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4 thoughts on “Feel-Good Tunes: Suggest More!

  1. These are fun suggestions! I’ll have to add ‘Mony, Mony’ to my cardio playlist. Blackbox — Everybody Dance Now is a top “fun” song of mine.

  2. My first a chance to listen to that tune from Enigma and its excellent. But nothing surpasses Existing on a prayer by Bon Jovi! Whenever I listen to that tune it really creates me want to leap up and down while performing it at the top of my respiratory system.

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