FoodChamps.Org Puts Fun Into Fruits & Vegetables

Hurrah to the Produce for Better Health Founcation for its new, innovative website to make shopping for and eating fruits and vegetables more enjoyable and fun for kids.

Parents, if your kids are reluctant to eat their fruits and veggies, go online with them and show them the colorful, new website,, offered by the the non-profit Produce for Better Health Foundation, whose mission is to create a healthier America through increased consumption of a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Just look at the variety of fun on for kids 2 to 5 and 6 to 8. For instance, your children will find games, coloring sheets, activity pages and recipes that children can make (with adult guidance).

The PBH, which has gained recognition for its 5 A Day for Better Health program — the nation’s largest public-private nutrition education initiative — also recently unveiled its a website just for parents, too —FruitsandVeggiesMoreMatters.

Among my favorite features on both sites are:

Of course, as noted here previously, the more fruits and vegetables you and your children eat, the less you’ll feel inclined to eat sugary "treats."

Thanks to the Chicago Tribune for the lead on this exciting development.

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