I Was Furious at their Customer Service

Note from Connie: This is off topic but it can help so many of you to resolve bad customer service that I just had to post it.

How did I raise my voice to angrily declare my outrage and shock!

I simply had no choice.

I’d just returned from an empowering, butt-kicking, financial mastermind with Tony Robbins, and I was eagerly looking forward to implementing so many wonderful things.

And then with suitcase in hand, as I neared the door of my new place, I found that a vendor for one of my new had a delivery service dump five boxes right near my place.

I lost my cool.

For days, it was as if there was a sign saying, “Hey, the tenant isn’t home.”

Scared, I opened the door to my new place hoping that I wasn’t robbed.

You see, I’ve been robbed something like four or five times in three different cities (Chicago, New York City and northern California) over the years. So, I’m ultra careful these days.

There went calm, focused, excited Connie.

Instead, Connie the lion appeared out of nowhere. (I’m a Leo by the way.)

Yeah, I know that anger harms your heart, weakens your immune system and harms your health.

But I could have been robbed yet again.

I called the company to declare my outrage and their callous disregard for my safety.

Multiple phone calls later and the issue still unresolved, I hit on a fast, speedy, savvy way to resolve my customer service problem.

It was so simple and brilliant.

All my anger wouldn’t do me any good.

Talking to a couple of company managers didn’t help.

Many apologies from various company people were useless.

What got me really immediate action was threatening that I’d post a bad Yelp review.

Then, I got even more dramatic.

I said something like, “And good luck getting business after my negative Yelp review.”

Bingo! It worked at lickety split speed.

The customer service people speedily resolved my issue.

Now, I’m now pleased to report that instead of continuing to give me bad customer service, someone is coming by in a few hours to fix my problem.

So thank you, Yelp!

You saved the day big time.

Connie’s Speedy Tip: If some company is jerking you around and you have bad customer service, just threaten them with a bad Yelp review.

Share your stories about how this worked.