Get Smartly Nutty with Me

Nuttzo ef4efac4092338feb4e677dad1fa2311-1 I'm always on the lookout for healthy, unsweetened, organic foods that won't put you into Sugar Shock so I can recommend them to you.

But more often than not when I'm introduced to a new food product, I quickly find — when I get to the second or third ingredient on the food label — that it doesn't fit my stringent, healthy criteria.

In case you're wondering, I will NOT recommend anything that contains any sugars or sweeteners, including agave or honey.

In addition, I will not advocate any foods containing artificial sweeteners.

Well, today, I'm excited! I just discovered Organic NuttZo, a yummy-sounding product that evidently has no sugar or sweeteners added.

Let me know what you think of it if you order it, too.

And please let me know about other healthy products that you think I should feature on this Sugar Shock Blog.