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Help Me to Help You — The White-Out Diet Will Be In Your Hands Jan. 2010, Helping You, If You Spread the Word Now

Special Announcement:

Greetings, wonderful, savvy people,

Exactly 11 years ago today, I first kicked sugar and refined carbs and got a better life.

And today, more than a decade since I became reborn, I’m launching an unusual marketing campaign to promote my next book, The White-Out Diet.

The catch is that it’s not out yet. My goal is to have it hit bookstores and your favorite online retailer Jan. 2009.

The economy is prompting me to do something really
different so that I can get a book deal for my next book, The White-Out Diet,
which I know could help many.

Please see this email (below), which I just sent to members of my mailing list.

If you can help, I’d really, really appreciate it!

Anyhow, my goal is to help millions, and I think I can, but I need wonderful people like you to spread the word! Please read on.

Thanks in advance ever so much!See letter below.

Warmly and gratefully,


Subject: Help me, please… The White-Out Diet, my next book, is coming with your help — benefits galore

Dear [Your Name Goes Here],

Would you like to lose weight for good,banish fatigue,
boost your energy, feel and look

more youthful, get more oomph in the bedroom
and build a life of passion, purpose and pizzazz?

Well, The White-Out Diet, my next book (the follow-up to SUGAR SHOCK!), is intended to help YOU

achieve ALL of that — and more.

This book, I hope, will come out in January 2010.

But here’s the catch: I need your help so that this book will become a reality and be available to you through bookstores,libraries and
online retailers.

You see, while this fun, easy-to-read,

friendly, compassionate book can help

you in so many ways, these challenging

economic times are prompting me to

rely on you.

Let me explain.

Like all other industries, the

publishing industry has been hit

by the economic downturn.

Publishers are tightening their belts and making less

So my literary agent explains to me.

More importantly, major publishers only want to make book

deals with people, who are household names

— movie stars, TV personalities, celebrities and so on.

And publishers only want authors with a “Big

— this means millions (or least hundreds of

thousands) of followers, fans and friends.

Therein lies my challenge.

While editors at publishing houses loved my White-Out

concept and my background as author of an acclaimed

from a major publisher (Berkley Books,

part of the Penguin Group), their
enthusiasm was dampened

because I’m not a household name — yet.

And while I do have a Big Platform,

it’s not big ENOUGH — yet.

But I’m determined to get The White-Out Diet published so
it can help you.

So I realized that it’s time to put the Law of Attraction
into action.

And I’d be grateful to you for any help you can give to
make this happen.

The White-Out Diet is a great book, and it deserves to be
in your

hands next January, 2010, so it can help you.

Ultimately, this challenge presents an

incredible opportunity.

It’s time for me to become pro-active,

creative and what I call “author-preneurial.”

I’m even planning some outrageous, exciting activities

drum up the necessary attention in The White-Out Diet, because

I KNOW this book
can really enhance, improve and change your life.

(Got any clever, out-of-the-box marketing and promotion
ideas? Know any celebrities?

Please share this info with me

ASAP, but privately.)

So would you be kind enough to act now (spending only
about a

minute or two) to support the campaign to get The White-Out Diet

the hands of people who need it?

Act now, please. Just go here:



My Intention: Get 500,000 or More in Pre-Sales

for The White-Out Diet From People Like You


So here’s my intention, my wonderful,

health-minded friends, fans and colleagues.

I would like to guarantee publishers that The White-Out
Diet will

sell 500,000 or more copies.

Will you help me — and yourself? Would you please:

1) Promise to buy 1 or more copies of

The White-Out Diet

2) Tell 2 or more friends and loved ones about this fun,
friendly, helpful

book. Just send them to

3) Tell your entire online community and friends through
social media sites. This

means posting (preferably several times) links to

on your
Facebook page and those of your friends.

And for those of you on,

would you send out lots of tweets? Just refer people to

Here’s one I wrote for you:

Join the White-Out Diet Super Friends campaign. This could help you, your friends, etc.



Visualize With Me: The White-Out Diet

Is In Your Hands Now, Helping YOU


Will you join with me now?

You see, I’m utterly convinced that with your support,
we’ll get an

amazing momentum going.

Just envision this: Even if only 1 percent of the people
on Facebook

(200 million) and Twitter (6 million) spread the word and make

commitments, this book will become a mega-bestseller before it’s even

In fact, if hundreds of your friends and friends of
friends get involved, The White-Out Diet

will get way more than 500,000 in
pre-sales commitments.

I’ve now shared my dream with you. (Guess it’s not
private any more? LOL!)

Will you join me in this dream so that I can help you and
your friends with The White-Out Diet?

Just think: You could be on the ground floor of an
empowering, cutting-edge, life-changing

guerilla marketing campaign that helps

Do you feel great or what?

I hope you’re excited.

Just imagine The White-Out Diet helping you to become
healthier and to

accomplish amazing things.


More About The White-Out Diet


Let me tell you more about this book

so you can understand why I’m so eager for you to be able
to get it in January 2010.

The White-Out Diet — whose

subtitle is A 21-Day Plan to Peel Off

Pounds, Boost Energy, Rev Up Libido,

Banish Toxins & Turn Back the Clock —

could help you to:

* Easily lose weigh*t for good

* Feel and look more youthful

* Banish fatigue and boost your energy

* Rev up your libido

* Become more calm, cheerful and content

* Have a better memory

* Find out which “white” foods are

wiping you out and doing you in;

* Learn 21 days of easy tools, tips and

tactics to accomplish all of the above;

* Turn your life around so that you can

plunge into a life of passion, purpose & pizzazz; and

* Open up your life in new ways (you

see, this isn’t just a diet book — it’s more of a
lifestyle book)

The White-Out Diet also has the

participation of cutting-edge people in

the fields of health and wellness. For instance:

* Joshua Rosenthal, MScED, Founder &

Director of the Institute for

Integrative Nutrition (IIN)– has kindly agreed to write
the introduction.

(I’m so honored, excited and

grateful to Joshua, because he’s busy running the largest
nutrition school  in the world.

I just love IIN, which I attended.

It attracts the most wonderful, fellow grads, students
and staffers.)

The White-Out Diet also will involve the participation of
other acclaimed

health experts and celebrities:

* A famous medical expert will do

the foreword. (I’m eagerly awaiting

word from someone who is really famous.) Dr. Nicholas
Perricone wrote

the foreword for my first book, SUGAR SHOCK!

* Integrative physician Richard M.

Linchitz, M.D. – a cancer survivor

himself — will serve as medical

consultant for The White-Out Diet.

(Dr. Linchitz has an amazing

tale himself. Back in 1998, he

overcame lung cancer making many of the lifestyle changes

we tell you about in The White-Out Diet. (FYI, he got cancer despite never
having smoked.)

* Plus, The White-Out Diet will have meal plans created

recognized nutritionist Jill Lane, C.N.C.

* In addition, as with SUGAR

SHOCK!, The White-Out Diet will have

numerous endorsements from well-known

health experts and celebrities.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Christiane Northrup,

Kathy Smith, actress/author Marilu Henner

and Dr. Joseph Mercola were among those

who have endorsed SUGAR SHOCK!

So, can I count on you to spread the

word about The White-Out Diet to help me get a book deal?

Just go now to



Gifts to You For Helping Bring

The White-Out Diet to Bookstores,

& Online Retailers


Of course, because of you’re providing

vital help so The White-Out Diet can

get into your hands, you’ll get benefits as a token of my

To find out what these gifts are and to join the exciting
White-Out Diet,

Royal Treatment Super Friend campaign, go here now:


From the bottom of my heart, I thank

you in advance for your invaluable support!

Just imagine: Because of you, The White-Out Diet will be
in your hands

in January 2010, and it will help you and millions like you.

Again, thank you so much for helping me

to help you by guaranteeing that The White-Out Diet can
help people like you.

Gratefully yours,


P.S. Make sure to spread the word to 2 or more friends
now. Just send them to the new blog:

===== >>>>>

While there, you’ll see a really fun, creative White-Out
Diet design from the

talented Hillary Carlip, whose clients have included such
big names as Jennifer Anniston.

P.P.S. If you have great marketing ideas, contacts in the
media or celebrity friends,

please write to me ASAP at

Connie Bennett. C.H.H.C. – Stop Sugar Shock


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