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Holiday Gift for You: Download to Relieve Holiday Stress with Debra Berndt

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Love Bubble - 1379839_10151947500379402_1945532480_nThe holiday season can be a very stressful time between overwhelming family gatherings to polite sugar-pushing at holiday parties.

This year it’s my pleasure to give you a holiday gift, an uplifting, soothing Relieve Holiday Stress download with Love-Mind Expert Debra Berndt.

You can listen to the Relieve Holiday Stress Replay at your convenience.

In this exciting, soothing program, Debra — a master in creative visualization and hypnosis, who has helped thousands of people around the world  — explains how our subconscious mind works.

Then she guides you in three creative visualizations, which will leave you relaxed and refreshed.

Take a moment now to check out your Relieve Holiday Stress Replay Page, and then return to it, at your convenience, when you time to listen.

You can listen to the entire recording at once. Or, if you’d prefer, you can listen to part of the Relieve Holiday Stress program now and enjoy the rest later. It’s up to you.

We invite you to email this free, audio holiday gift, the Relieve Holiday Stress Replay, to friends, co-workers, family members and others, who you think may appreciate this program.

Please note that I’m offering this gift now for free to help you lead a a calm, peaceful holiday season,

If you’re interested in Debra’s Complete Relaxation Set (9 MP3s) and Weight Loss Set (4 MP3s),  please contact Debra directly to find out how to obtain these exciting programss.

For more holiday help go here to get:

Enjoy your Relieve Holiday Stress Download now, and have a sweet holiday season.

Remember to spread the word to your friends and loved ones.

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