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Howard Stern Show Pokes Fun of Me Again!

It seems like every few months I hear from listeners of "The Howard Stern Show" about how they heard the interview I did a while back in which I was the brunt of their jokes, as I blogged about first here and then again here.

At this point, I’ve lost track of the number of times people — mostly cool guys — have written to me after the segment aired — it must have run easily three, four, five (?) times. It’s all very amusing.

Anyhow, I just received a wonderful e-mail from John, a Howard Stern fan in British Columbia, Canada. Here’s what he wrote:

"Hi Connie,

Just wanted you to know that we think that you must have a really great sense of humour to allow the Howard Stern Show to air the "interview" you had with High Pitch Eric posing as a sugared-up
little girl.

You may have heard this from other Howard fans, but we found you and are spending time exploring your site, solely because we love Howard and by extension, anyone who has enough of a sense of humour to laugh, even at themselves.

Thanks for one of the one of the most classic laughs ever. We just heard it again this morning and were inspired to visit your site.

Wishing you continued success in your admirable work."

What a sweet e-mail! Any other Howard Stern fans just hear the interview again?

FYI, the reason I was so ideal to is that it’s been years since I listened to Howard Stern (I was a fan while living in L.A. and trapped in traffic a lot) and I didn’t know that High Pitch Eric is just a fun, wacko character. See, for instance, his MySpace profile (if it’s to be believed?)

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2 thoughts on “Howard Stern Show Pokes Fun of Me Again!

  1. Connie,
    I just love that you blogged my note! Thank you. And how great to hear that you were a Howard fan when you were in LA.
    They play various old clips throughout the show, especially as they come back out of commercials, and yours is in that mix so we hear it every now and then.
    And yes, the MySpace page you linked to is indeed High Pitch Eric, a long-time member of Howard’s “Whack Pack” (so named because they are “whacked” or “whacky”).
    The specific reason your clip got played yesterday was because Eric was live in the studio. While he was there, they had him get on a scale, and he weighs 330 lbs! That huge guy you see on MySpace is indeed him. lol
    I’m not surprised to hear that you have heard from other Howard fans, as we love those who get pranked but then have enough of a sense of humor to allow them to play it on the air. The smartest thing you did was to purposely mention your website before you hung up!

    1. Yikes! I’m so very sorry that never replied to you! I just never saw your comment.

      Believe it or not, but I’ve never heard this segment! I need to find it! Thanks again so much for writing!

      Sounds like High Pitch Eric needs my help!

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