Kick Your Sugar Habit With Us: For Sugar Addicts & The Curious

Stop Sugar Shock! LargeDo you need to have a cup of coffee with lots of sugar first thing in the morning?

Do you have to have a doghnut come mid-morning?

Does a soda have your name on it late afternoon?

And do you crave a large portion of pasta for dinner?

In other words, are you a sugar or carb addict?

If so, join me for my 4-week course at the New York Open Center, which begins next week, from Jan. 12 to Feb. 2.

In this four-week course, you'll learn proprietary techniques that I
developed and which worked for me when I removed sugar from my diet in

In addition, you'll get dozens of tips that have helped my

Plus, you'll learn many ideas from a variety of health
experts, who kindly shared them with me.

For instance, in my 4-week course at the New York Open Center, you will:

  • Get 7 Smart Starter Strategies so you can conquer your sugar habit for good.
  • Find out 5 ways to save money on food and beverages in this economy but still make healthy choices.
  • Find out why this course has the wrong title! (But we had to name
    it "SUGAR SHOCK! Breaking Free of Your Sugar Habit" so you'd know what you're getting.)
  • Receive 50 simple, effective tips and tactics to squash your sugar cravings.
  • Get a helpful, comprehensive sugar-free shopping list and sample meal plans.
  • Discover what 3 most empowering
    questions to ask yourself whenever sugary foods "call out" to you to
    stop your destructive cycle.
  • Find out how your so-called "failures" can be transformed into blessings.
  • Taste delicious, sugar-free desserts from 2 great local bakers.
  • Find out which 3 foods can drive away your "sweet tooth."
  • Get educated (briefly) about 20 cutting-edge research studies, which reveal the dangers of sugars and refined carbs.
  • Receive a list of more than 100 ways your sugar habit is killing you.
  • Learn how you can lower your risk for type 2 diabetes, cancer, infertility, heart disease and Alzheimer's disease. 
  • Be trained to become a "Savvy Sugar Sleuth" so you easily unmask sugar's many disguises and read food labels in the grocery store.
  • Get invited to one complimentary teleseminar. (This is one of many bonuses you get by signing up for my 4-week course.)
  • Learn to identify 10 surprising foods that contain hidden sugars.
  • Get inspired by successful "Sugar
    Kickers," whose sour-to-sweet tales you can listen to at any time via
    complimentary audio downloads.
  • Determine how your sugar habit is
    harming your health, weight, moods, relationships, work, spirituality
    and ability to get things done.
  • Learn how to talk to your loved ones about your sugar habit.
  • Uncover your 5 "W's" that drive you to sweets and refined carbs.
  • Acquire simple, juicy, valuable, always-accessible tips and tools
    to help stomp out your sugar habit for good and to prevent binging,
    relapsing and self-loathing
  • Get 10 ways to "Say No With Sass!" when offered desserts.
  • Develop your special, do-able, personalized plan.
  • Learn easy techniques to topple stress so you won't feel a need to turn to sweets.
  • Discover how sugar wreaks havoc on your body.
  • Gain insights so you can decide your best course of action — to
    quit cold turkey, phase our sweets or still take tastes from time to
  • Receive at least 2 helpful handouts and undertake at least 2 fun,
    revealing, life-changing adventur-cises™ (adventurous exercises) every
  • Do valuable "Sugary Soul Searching."
  • Learn to surf when cravings strike. (You heard me right!)
  • Determine how to embrace your triggers and saboteurs rather than avoid them.
  • Invite "The 4 P's" into your life.
  • Meet your Kind, Know-It All.
  • Get the
    truth about sugar substitutes and learn which sweeteners are safe to use.
  • Be coached to help you succeed.
  • Have
    a chance to listen to interviews with a who's who of world-renowned
    experts in the field of nutrition, diet, fitness, motivation and
  • Receive supportive emails and audio messages to "hold your hand" and guide you through the program.
  • Find
    out ways to to nurture and nourish yourself without candies, cakes and
    chips and how to live a sweeter life without needing to turn to sweets. 
  • Get your questions answered.

Register now for my 4-week course, from Jan. 12 to Feb. 2 at the New York Open Center.

Please note: If you're in another part of the re in another part of
the country or world and cannot make my talk at the New York Open
Center, please join us
virtually or telephonically in other upcoming programs so you can still
get helpful tips, tactics and
tempting tidbits.

  • Register now for four-week course, starting Tuesday, Jan. 12 at the New York Open Center.

    If you sign up for the course because of learning about it on this Sugar Shock Blog, you will receive a free gift from me.

  • Hope to see you there.