My New Website is in Development at Last

Woo Hoo!

Connie Bennett Sugar Shock website

At last, I’m thrilled to announce that my new website is in development.

For months, my team and I have been at work to redesign my branding and this site to bring you a better experience.

I hope you like my new look!

Stay tuned for some exciting new features in my blog. Soon, you’ll be able to find:

  • BIO: Info about me and who I am. Hah! I just discovered, thanks to my astute book editor, that my bio is missing! Where did it go? How could I have forgotten that? LOL!
  • RECIPES: This new section—once buried on my blog—will feature recipes that adhere to my strict, health-enhancing guidelines. All recipes will be sugar-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free. Plus, they will contain NO artificial sweeteners and NO sweeteners such as honey, agave or coconut sugar.
  • SPEAKING: Since, at least, I’ve conquered my fear of public speaking, I’m eager to get out and serve people like you. So stay tuned about how to book me for a talk in  your area with my new subject,  “3 Simple Ways to Crush Your Cravings On the Go.”
  • PODCAST: Soon, you’ll be able to tune into new Gab with the Gurus podcasts with inspiring, encouraging, cutting-edge experts in health, wellness, personal empowerment, social media and podcasting. Due to tight deadlines for my next book, I blew my diet! Now what?, I had to go on hiatus after hosting podcasts for 11 years (since 2008).
  • BOOK: Since people often ask me what kind of prep work I’m doing to get ready for the publication of my next book, I blew my diet! Now what?, I’ve begun a new Behind-the-Scenes section so you join me on my path to publication in March 10, 2020.
  • PLAYCAMP: Over the years, I’ve also often been asked, “Connie, can you help me with my cravings?” To that end, soon, I’ll be unveiling my new Crush Your Cravings PlayCamp. (Stay tuned.)
  • And much more.

Please note that while this website is under still construction, you may still find some broken links or areas, which are inaccessible. Forgive me in advance for this. So please be patient while my team transfers old blog posts over to this new site.

Now, I’d love to hear your ideas.

What features would you like to see on my new website? Let me know.