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New Yorkers in Sugar Shock: Hear Me Speak Sept. 10 at the New York Open Center Open House

New Yorkers, would you like to get more energy, lose weight, improve your relationships and boost your libido? One of the fastest way to get there is to break your sugar addiction.

Join me at a free talk, Breaking Free of Your Sugar Habit, on Thursday, Sept. 10 at 6 pm EST when I speak at the New York Open Center's Open House. I am one of 9 speakers featured that evening.

On Sept. 10, you'll get some ideas on how to begin to get out from under your sugar habit. If you can't make it Sept. 10, you also can attend a free introductory program on Jan. 5.

Then, in the new year (2010), I'm teaching a four-week course at the New York Open Center, beginning January 12.

If you sign up for my Breaking Free of Your Sugar Habit course at the New York Open Center as a result of reading about this on this blog, please let me know here, and I'll give you a special gift.

Plan now to attend the New York Open Center's open house on Sept. 10.

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