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The Rats Who Preferred Sugar Over Cocaine

Here’s a Letter I Sent to My Mailing List, which is now making its way around the Internet.
Have you heard about the rats who found sugar or saccharin more tantalizing than cocaine?
That’s right, in a fascinating study, most of the critters studied — a whopping 94 percent — wanted
sugar or saccharin, NOT cocaine.
Sugar_humans_600 – cartoon
Anyhow, today, while doing some research for my next book, Beyond Sugar Shock — the follow-up to my first book Sugar Shock — I was reminded of this fascinating study from Dr. Serge Ahmed, a scientist with the University of Bordeaux in France.
Last year, I had the pleasure of meeting Serge while on a ferry en route to a Food Addiction conference on IslandWood, Bainbridge Island to give fitness guru Jack LaLanne a Lifetime Achievement Award.
Incidentally, LaLanne, who turns 96 on Sept. 26, has been sugar-free for more than EIGHT decades.
(By the way, you can listen to a special radio interview I conducted with Jack here.)
Back to the glorious commuter boat ride with Dr. Serge Ahmed.
Just imagine: There I am, grateful to have the good fortune to hang out with one of the most fascinating scientists, who is studying my top area of interest, sugar addiction!
In fact, I’ve been so intrigued by the topic that Chapter 9, “Proof Pours In: New Studies Show That You Can Become Dependent on Sweets,” was the first one I wrote for my book Sugar Shock.
So there Serge and I are on the ferry. After practicing my rusty French on him, I asked Serge (in English this time so I wouldn’t miss anything) about his sugar addiction research.
Serge ahmed Now, just imagine Serge speaking with his adorable French accent.
He told me, “Connie, I was so surprised. We discovered that sugar may be as addictive as cocaine.”
You had to see Serge’s face to get a sense of this monumental discovery.
His eyebrows lifted. His eyes grew big. His face registered shock. He moved his hands about dramatically.
The next day, at the conference, Serge laid out his findings in more detail to the attendees of this event, called “Food Addiction: The Obesity Epidemic Connection.”
The title of Serge’s presentation told it all. It posed the question, “Is Sugar as Addictive as Cocaine?”
Ultimately, Serge and his research team discovered that intense sweetness “is much more rewarding and probably more addictive than intravenous cocaine.”
Or, to put it another way, the French scientists’ findings “clearly demonstrate that intense sweetness can surpass cocaine reward, even in drug-sensitized and drug-addicted individuals.”
In the booklet presented to Food Addiction conference attendees, Serge concludes: “When society finally discovers that refined sugar is just another white powder, along with pure cocaine, it will change its mind and attitude toward refined food addiction.”
Hoebel At the same conference, I also had the pleasure of meeting renowned addiction researcher Dr. Bartley Hoebel of Princeton University’s Neuroscience Institute, whose work I mentioned in a recent AOL News story about Ellen DeGeneres and Jeff Garlin kicking sugar. What a treat!
As I discussed in my book Sugar Shock, Dr. Hoebel — who has been studying sugar addiction for 10 years — found that sugar can act on the brain in ways similar to drugs of abuse.
Dr. Hoebel’s rats even went into withdrawal symptoms within a half hour of being administered the opiate blocker naloxone.
Their “teeth started chattering,” Dr. Hoebel told me.
“They waved their heads back and forth. Their forepaws quivered. They acted anxious in a maze test. These are all signs of sugar withdrawal. They weren’t as pronounced as what we see with morphine, but it was withdrawal.”
What happened? Well, Dr. Hoebel thinks that “sugar triggered production of the brain’s natural opiates
or morphinelike compounds.”
Wait a minute!
But the rats didn’t have drugs. They just had sugar!
The rats would rather go into sugar shock than have cocaine!
So why am I bringing up these addiction studies?
Because, if you have an overpowering sugar habit, I want you to know that this addictive feeling is NOT all in your head. You actually can get hooked.
But more importantly, I’m here to bring you hope. You CAN cut out your pesky sugar or carb cravings.
Certainly, you can try on your own, but, well, it can be really tough, and frankly, I wouldn’t wish this cutting-loose-on-your-own on anyone!
That’s why for over 12 years — ever since I kicked sugar myself — I’ve been developing a program to
help you Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction — and to help you release your habit easily.
Alas, back in 1998, I used to be like those sugar-clamoring rats. (Are you, too?) But, thankfully, that’s history, and I no longer crave sugary foods. You heard me right. You should know is that I do NOT miss the substance. Honest!
So, my mission these days is to show you that you don’t have to be consumed by these gotta-have-
sugar-NOW feelings. You can achieve Sugar Liberation!
And, if you allow me, it would be my honor to take you to that delicious state of Sugar Freedom.
Just think: When you remove sugar from your diet (or at least cut back on your intake), you will get benefits galore! For instance:
* Your weig*ht could easily peel off
* You could become more cheerful
* You may concentrate better
* You may say bye-bye to severe PMS, infertility or a horrible menopause.
* You could get along better with loved ones.
* You could have a revved-up libido.
* You may have lots of energy — more so than you’ve had in years.
* And more.
And those are just a few of the many benefits!
Given that I used to be hooked on sweets myself, I don’t want you to be like those sugar-craving rats!
So it would be my honor to help you Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction in 6 Weeks.
Please note that next Tuesday, I again begin holding my Break Free Program, and I’d love to have you.
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* Short, inspiring audio messages from me each of the 42 days (actually, there are more.)
* A private, members-only website with lots of quality content, including three weeks of meal plans, a shopping list, recipes and access to fascinating audio downloads.
* And much more.
You may think that this program will run you around $400 to $700. But I’m offering this Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction in 6 Weeks program for the ultra-reasonable rate of $147. People hae been asking me why it’s so low (only about $3.50 a day for the 42-day program).
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It would be my pleasure to serve you and to guide you to Sugar Liberation. “See you” soon?
Connie Bennett
Author, Sugar Shock and (Beyond Sugar Shock, upcoming/Hay House)
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Special thanks to Mike Adams and NaturalNews.com for the above cartoon, which you can read about here.
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Sugar & Carb Addicts: What do You Need & Want?

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End-of-Summer Fun – Watch Out for Nature-Loving, Disease-Carrying Ticks

As many of you restless, must-have-time-off vacationers venture out into nature, the wilderness or the beach for one last summer hurrah, I encourage you to be careful.
Don’t lie on the grass, run barefoot in fields or get too affectionate or up close and personal with any trees.
You may think me a nature spoil sport, but, as I discovered much to my shock two years ago, it’s imperative that you’re watchful for those nature-loving, disease-carrying ticks, which can transmit Lyme disease, a confusing malady that may give you mysterious ailments such as mental confusion, fatigue and muscle pains.
Learn about this often-misunderstood disease in my recent AOL News op ed piece.
Unfortunately, many people are ignorant about these freckle-sized dangers that lurk in nature.
In fact, last night, on a conference call for a transformational women’s program that I’m taking, one of the women with whom I was partnered up with in a group literally laughed when recommended that she be careful of ticks when she goes off into the wilds in Holland.
Given that I’d been working on my next book, Beyond Sugar Shock, into the wee hours (shame on me!), I was too tired to plead with her to take me seriously, but lo and behold, I just discovered that Lyme disease is on the rise in Holland.
So I urge you, if you do go out into nature this Labor Day weekend, make sure to carefully inspect yourself for ticks after you return from grassy areas. You do not want to suffer the way millions have, as you can read about in my AOL News op ed piece.
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Why bother to kick sugar since it tastes so darn good? Well, as millions can testify, cutting out sweets and simple carbs is a very quick path to weight loss. The extra pounds just peel right off when you not consuming those quickie-carb “treats.” Plus, if you Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction, you may get more energy, better relationships, a better libido and many other benefits.

Should You Kick or Curtail Sugar? Why Bother?

Stop Sugar Shock! Large Are you wondering if you should cut out or reduce your sugar or carb consumption?
Many people get scared at the thought of making this change, and they focus on how they’ll miss their favorite sweet treats instead of on the many benefits they’ll gain.
Rather than try to convince you myself about the many wonders of kicking sugar, I’m going to let several Successful Sugar Kickers do it themselves.
First, I invite you to read tales here of Successful Sugar Kickers to learn how their lives have dramatically improved just by making that one diet change.
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Stephanie continues to share here.
And now here’s Part 3. I invite you to listen below now.
Yes, Virginia, Jennifer, John, and Stephanie (or whatever your name is), when you kick (or cut back on) sugar and refined carbs, youi’ll marvel as benefits pile up. I daresay that you’ll experience all, if not some of these benefits — plus a lot more! You’ll:
* Boost your energy.
* Get along better with loved ones and not-so-loved ones.
* Banish your “brain fog.”
* Toss out your temper tantrums.
* Focus better.
* Watchthe pounds peel off easily.
* Look and feel better.
* And maybe even revv up your sex life.
Listen now to these Sugar Kickers.
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Announcing “Beyond Sugar Shock.” Tweeter Wins Contest

Amazon Sug Sh 51RDZ7DBVAL._SL110_ Thanks to the many amazing people, who kindly submitted suggestions on this Sugar Shock Blog, on the Facebook Smart Habits Fans page and via email, my next book, the follow-up to Sugar Shock, now has a title.
Drum roll… I’m pleased to announce that my next book will be called Beyond Sugar Shock.
The subtitle is The 6-Week Plan to Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction & Get a Slimmer, Sexier, Sweeter Life.
The winner of the Name My Next Book Contest is the innovative, kindTwitter user @RHfan58, Donna, who was sweet enough to tweet me five suggestions for the book title. (She suggested Beyond Sugar, but as far as I’m concerned, adding Shock to the title was a no-brainer. (Donna, please reply to my personal message on Twitter so I can give you your gifts.)
As I shared previously here and also here, Beyond Sugar Shock will provide a six-week, step-by-step program to help you escape from sugar shock. This book is designed to help you if you’re a sugar addict, overweight, obeseor plagued by headaches, headaches, depression, “brain fog, fatigue, low libido or severe PMS.Hay House images
Beyond Sugar Shock is coming to you, thanks to my new publisher, Hay House, which is the international leader in self-help and transformational publishing.
Let’s face it, kicking sugar can be tough to do even though you know that kicking it can help you to lose weight, get more energy, boost your libido, prevent or reverse diabetes and live longer.
Therefore, in Beyond Sugar Shock, you’ll get valuable tools and tips that will make letting go of your sugar addiction simple – and even fun. In it:
* You’ll get a mind/body/spirit approach to breaking free.
* You’ll undertake simple, interactive adventurcises™ (my word for adventurous exercises), which will drive you to important self-discoveries..
* You’ll get several dozen ways to stomp out your sugar cravings.
* You’ll discover your sugar color code. (Yes, we’re all different in our relationship with sweets, and this knowledge will empower you to make the right choices for you.)
* You’ll detox gradually so that your body, mind and even soul won’t go into shock as you move beyond your sugar obsessions and towards a better life.
* You’ll get healthy meal plans and tasty recipes from a nutritionist and exercise physiologist.
* You’ll learn to Enjoy a Sweeter Life Without Refined Sweets™.
* And much more.
In Beyond Sugar Shock, you’ll get many tried-and-true tactics — ones I created, starting in 1998, when I kicked sugar on doctor’s orders and ones recommended by dozens of other health experts. You’ll also benefit from my 12 years of coaching or connecting with sugar addicts around the world.
Donna, the winner of the Name My Next Book Contest, please contact me so you can get:
* Your one hour of private, strategy session coaching with me
* Complimentary admission to my upcoming Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction in 6 Weeks program, which begins Sept. 7, includes access to a private website (http://www.BreakFreeWithConnie.com) and provides at least 42 audio messages. ($177 value but now priced at $97)
* An advance copy of Beyond Sugar Shock (of course).
* A special thank you post you on this Sugar Shock Blog
* A mention on the Acknowledgments page of Beyond Sugar Shock
* And my profound gratitude
Free Teleseminar on Tues., Aug. 31 at 8 pm Eastern to Everyone Who Submitted Ideas
As previously announced, everyone who submitted a title suggestion is now invited to a free, thank you teleseminar. It will be held Tuesday, Aug. 31 at 8 pm Eastern. During this call, you can get your questions answered, possibly get selected for laser coaching, get tips to break free and more.
Those who attend the call live also will have a chance to win:
* A half-hour laser coaching, strategy session with me. (Two winners will be picked.)
* Admission to the upcoming Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction in 6 Weeks program, which begins Sept. 7. (One winner will be selected.)
Again, thank you very much to those of you who participated in the recent Name My Next Book Contest. (http://tinyurl.com/NameMyNextBook-AfterSugarShock)
Now that I’m knee deep in working Beyond Sugar Shock, please tell me what would you like to see in my next book. What do you crave, need or desire?
Please share your thoughts here and on Facebook, in the Smart Habits Fans or in the new Beyond Sugar Shock & Smart Habits Community on The Blog Frog.
Again, thank you so much to the many wonderful people, who partcipated in the Name My Next Book Contest.
Stay tuned for details about the free teleseminar for all of you on Tues., Aug. 31.