Soothing Tunes to Calm You As You Face Anything: What Are Your Favorites?

If you’re going through a challenging, stressful or upsetting time, one of the best ways to rise above the situation is to soothe yourself with melodies that calm and comfort you.
Forget comfort foods that send you into Sugar Shock. They don’t work!
Music is one of the most exhilarating ways to achieve this serenity and peacefulness. (Meditation works, of course, too. More about that later.)
So help me compile a list of Soothing Tunes.
For instance, the title Hans Zimmer soundtrack from the film, Gladiator, with the talented Russell Crowe as Maximus, is one of my favorite melodies. Doesn’t it evoke a feeling of triumph in you?
So what are your favorite Comfort Tunes (not Comfort Foods, of course)?
(Usually, I don’t care to share anything personal here, but please know that I have two reasons I’m seeking Comfort Tunes. Of course, my first goal is to help you, because I know music can soothe you in a way that food or other addictions can. Secondly, I’m facing a very trying situation, and I’m seeking to arm myself with a number of powerful, potent tactics to get me through this easily. One of the ways to sail through such pain is with the help of magical melodies.)
Please submit your ideas for Magical Melodies and Soothing Tunes.

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