4 Tips to be FREE this Holiday Season

I’d like to wish all of you a very joyous, fun holiday season.
In addition, I’d like to share 4 quick tips so you can be FREE this holiday season.
As you go about your partying and celebrating, I invite you to keep reminding yourself of the
word F R E E.
That’s what you want to be, right?
You don’t want to feel driven and enslaved by cookies, cakes or candies, do you?
You don’t want to be trapped by your anger, anxiety, or depression, of course.
Instead, you want to feel joyous, confident, and bold, right?
You want harmony, peace of mind, and a sense of calm, right?
So here’s how to remind yourself to be F R E E.
F = Feel your power.
You have the final say as to what goes into your mouth. You are the master of what thoughts you allow into your brain. You are responsible for what you feel. So realize that you can choose what you eat, think or feel.
R = Run to the gym or up the stairs.
The biggest rush you can ever find is by working out. So hurry your butt to a place where you can move your body boldly and joyously. When you prance around, you will get a serotonin rush — no
need for a sugar or alcohol high!
E = Embrace whatever you’re going through.
No need to hide. If family members are pushing your buttons, just breathe through the emotions and know that you’ll become bigger and better because of it. Embrace the moment that will never come back again. Enjoy your loved ones to the utmost. This is a special time you have together.
E = Energize with Energetic Foods.
By this I mean, stay close to those alive foods — veggies, nuts, fruits, legumes and quality protein — that bring you good cheer and concentration. Those are the foods that will give you the energy, enthusiasm, and excitement that you desire this holiday season.
Hope these holiday tips helped.
Have a wonderful end of year, everyone. Enjoy lots of joy, fun, quality time with loved ones and much more.
FYI, if you have some time on your hands and want to join my Sugar Freedom Course, you can do the self-guided program at any time.

How Bad Does it Have to Get Before You Kick Your Sugar Addiction?

This morning, I received a poignant email, from a woman who — like most of us sugar addicts — has found it hard to let go of sweets.
The sad lady — who I’ll call “K” — labeled her email, ”Connie, You Told Me So!”
Here’s what she writes:
“About a year ago, I purchased your book, Sugar Shock over the internet. Sugar has been a big problem for my entire life. Now, my doctor is angry, because this addiction has progressed, to the beginning of diabetes. Going blind, having my kidneys stop working, dialysis, and having limbs cut off is an ugly scenario. Please, give me some hope to be an overcomer in this. Thanks.”
K, I’m so sorry for your plight. But I congratulate you for finally reaching out and being ready to look at your sugar addiction.
By the way, please take heart. Perhaps that’s what you needed — to plunge to the depths of despair and fear before you took action.
FYI, this has happened with many of my clients. Things had to get really bad before they/we were finally ready to make some positive changes. A similiar thing happened with me. As I revealed in Chapter 1 of Sugar Shock, I was suffering from a whopping 44 ailments before I finally took a doctor’s advice. Pretty sad, eh? But now, because I overcame my sugar addiction, I get to help people like you through programs like Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction in 6 Weeks. Pretty cool, eh?
K, you’re probably a lot stronger than you realize. You can do this! I’m writing to you privately to see how I can help you.
Special thanks to Vin MIller of NaturalBias.com for the above photo.

Addicted to Sugar? Break Free with Me! – Early Bird Deadline Through April 5

Are you addicted to sugar and/or refined carbs? If so, you’re invited to Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction in 5 Weeks, starting next month.
Because of extreme demand, many pleas for help and the fact that people are in Passover and Easter moods or liberation and resurrection, the deadline for the first Early Bird Rate has been extended through the weekend, until April 5.
Would you like to achieve freedom in the spirit of Passover?
Or would you like to achieve a health or spiritual resurrection of your own in the spirit of Easter?
FYI, if my choice of religious words bothers you, forgive me. What I’m trying to say that when you kick your sugar habit, you can be reborn, so to speak, and achieve an exhilarating feeling of freedom.
Why bother to kick sugar? The benefits of kicking sugar are many:
* You can lose weight and inches.
* You can get more energy.
* You can feel happier.
* You can concentrate better.
* You can get along better with loved ones.
* You can reduce your PMS.
* You may be able to get a better libido.
* You can reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, hypoglycemia, heart disease and cancer.
* You can fit into your skinny jeans.
* And so much more.
Learn more now how to Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction in 5 Weeks.
Again, the Early Bird Rate ends Monday, April 5.

My ABC’s to Break Free of Sugar & Other Bad Habits (Babits™)

Have you seen my video yet on YouTube, in which I shared My ABC’s to Break Free of Your Sugar Habit and Other Bad Habits?
Here’s a companion article to give you more information and tips to release your bad habits or what I call babits™.
My ABC’s to Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction & Other Bad Habits by Connie Bennett, CPC, CHHC
If you’re like most people, you’re often tempted by gorgeous, mouth-watering, nutrient-poor “treats”—dazzling donuts, colorful cereal or buttered bagels—and other bad habits such as excessive coffee-drinking, negative thinking, procrastinating and obsessive texting.
As I mentioned on my companion YouTube video, It’s certainly understandable if you feel tempted. Wherever you go and wherever you live, you’re inevitably bombarded by unhealthy foods, substances, thoughts and activities.
But I invite you to look inside and decide: Do you feel trapped or imprisoned by your sugar habit or other bad habit (what I call a babit™)?
And are you plagued by baffling health issues such as annoying weight gain, ferocious headaches or even type 2 diabetes?
I’m here to reassure you. You can escape from the prison of a bad habit.
In fact, I respectfully challenge you. Get out from under your sugar habit or other babits™ so that you can have a life that rocks!
You may be wondering WIFY (What’s In It For You?) if you overcome your bad habit. You can benefit in many ways!
You can get more energy, concentrate better, lose weight, become more productive, enjoy better relationships and so much more. And, as many clients have delightedly shared with me, if you cut out sugar and refined carbs, you even may be able to boost your libido!
So let me share my Double ABC’s to Break Free of Your Sugar Habit & Other Bad Habits (or what I call Babits™).(In my companion YouTube video, I share some of these tips. You’ll find more here.)
A is for Assume & Accept.
Just assume and accept that just about wherever you go, you’ll be tempted.
Your favorite aunt will nudge you to eat her favorite chocolate cake. You have to pass that vending machine at work. And no matter what, you’ll be taunted by candies galore while purchasing sundries at the local drug store.
But if you prepare for temptations—ones way more unhealthy than apples in the Garden of Eden—you can be prepared and always have healthy snacks on hand such as edamame (soy nuts), pumpkin seeds, hard-boiled eggs and sugar-free crackers or an apple (preferably organic) with almond butter.

New Year’s Day: Kick Sugar With Me at the JCC in Manhattan

As most of you get ready for your holiday celebrations, I invite you to save the date if you live in or near New York City.
As we know New Year’s Day is when most of us feel compelled to turn over a new leaf.
That’s when a number of us wellness experts in New York City will be around to serve you — to help you become a better, healthier you.
Come hear me live from 1 pm to 2 pm Eastern at JCC of Manhattan so you can kick your sugar habit or other bad habits (or what I call babits™).
Here is more information about my program:
Break Your Sugar Habit & Turn Your Babits™ (Bad Habits) into Blessings to Get a Life that Rocks!
Would you like to release excess weight, get energy and boost your libido? You can do ALL that—and more—by quitting sweets and refined carbs. Get easy tips and exercises you can enjoy as you discover:
* The “5 Ds” to squash sugar cravings anytime
* The 2 types of foods that drive away your “sweet tooth.”
* The truth about sugar substitutes.
* The single biggest mistake people make when trying to change a bad habit
* 3 ways to save money on food.
Hope to see you there. If you come as a result of this blog post, you get a free gift from me so make sure to claim it!
Pre-register now, because the JCC in Manhattan is expecting lots of people.

Conquer Your Sugar Addiction With Me, Starting Jan. 5, at the New York Open Center

Since the new year is coming soon, if you live near New York City, I invite you to plan now to break free of your sugar habit so that you may be able to:
* Lose weight
* Finally make peace with sugar and refined carbs
* Feel free
* Get more energy on a consistent basis
* Become more productive
* Walk your talk by consuming only healthy foods and drinks
* Tap into your spirtuality
* Be unfazed when desserts and sweet snacks abound
* Feel exhilarated and excited about your many projects
* Relish moving your body in a way you’ve never done
* Enjoy more enriching, satisfying relationships
* Boost your libido
* Learn to meditate away your sugar desires
* And much more
New York Open Center – 04 – Meditation Reserve your space now for Tuesday, Jan. 5 at 6 pm when you can get inspired and educated during my free introductory class at the New York Open Center.
Now, sign up for the four-week course at the New York Open Center from Jan. 12 to Feb. 2.
Let me know if you’ve signed up for this program, because I have special gifts for people who’ve enrolled to help you get through the holiday season.

Off Vacationing to Walk My Talk: Do You Take Time for You?

Lately, I’ve been striving to walk my talk. Sure, I stay away from sugar and refined carbs and work out, but I just work too hard and don’t take enough time for me.
So I’m off on vacation now taking some much-needed time for me.
Back on July 13 to help you again.
Do you walk your talk? If so, I encourage you to do so. I’m already feeling much more invigorated and ready to give back.
By the way, if you have sugar issues, did you know that I offer coaching (of course, my time is limited).
If you’re fed up with your sugar issues, it would be my honor to help you break free of your sugar addiction. And I know we can do that together!