Are You Addicted to Sugar?

Do tempting cookies, candies, and cakes “call out” to you?
Do you yearn for potentially deadly sugary treats or its quickie-carb cousins (chips, corn nuts, and popcorn) when you’re somber, angry or down — in other words, S.A.D.?
In other words, are you a victim of sugar seduction?
Please take a moment now to laugh at your sugar habit. It’s actually funny if it wasn’t so sad!
First, enjoy this fabulous cartoon, which was conceived by Mike Adams and created by talented artist Dan Berger, smile and chuckle, if you can.
Now, do what I call Sugar Soul Searching™, which is a powerful process I created to help you discover dispassionately–without any emotional attachment–how enslaved, ruled, and directed you are by your sugar or carb addiction. (You can learn more about this fun technique in my book, Beyond Sugar Shock.)
How are you like these trapped, caged people? Count the ways.
Are You Addicted to Sugar

Halloween Cartoon “Shows” Sugar’s Reaction

Special thanks to Mike Adams and for this cartoon, which cleverly illustrates the dangers of trick-or-treating for candies on Halloween.
Consuming too much sugar can harm your kids in many ways, including causing them to gain weight, develop type 2 diabetes, and beven become more violent, according to a recent study in the British Journal of Psychiatry.

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Sugar Shocker! What is Dangerous Mercury Doing in High Fructose Corn Syrup?

As if high fructose corn syrup isn’t bad enough, (especially because it’s so ubiquitous in our food supply), now high levels of the toxic metal mercury has been found to lurk in the sweetener — and potentially for many years.
Yikes! That’s scary!
Mind-boggling new research found that nearly one-third of the HFCS-containing grocery products (tested for a study) were contaminated with detectable levels of mercury.
Let me translate this so you just so you don’t miss the significance of this finding.
If you swig a a soda sweetened with HFCS, you’re also tossing down some dangerous mercury.
Whenever you grab candy bars, you’re likely getting high fructose corn syrup and therefore mercury.
Ditto with many breads, crackers, salad dressings, frozen and fast foods, tomato sauces and fruit drinks.

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