Share Your Sweet Success Story to this Sugar Shock Blog

Have you shed weight, eliminated your horrible headaches, gotten rid of your pre-cancerous condition, or done away with another pesky health problem by kicking or cutting back on sugar, refined carbs and other high-glycemic foods such as corn nuts, potato chips, and French fries?
Kicking those rapidly processed “culprit carbs” is one of the most effective ways to lose weight and overcome a variety of health challenges, as thousands of people — whom I call “Sugar Kickers” or “Carb Kickers” — have been gleefully sharing with me for more than a decade.
We’d also like to hear from you if you’ve had a drastic health improvement by cutting out gluten, dairy or artificial sweeteners,
If you’re a Sweet Success Story — whether you lost weight, got more energy, improved your moods or got your diabetes under control — we want to read your tale her.
By sharing your story, you’ll be able to inspire, motivate, and encourage others.
Wondering what I mean? Read some motivational Sweet Success Stories shared here before:
Fellow blogger Jimmy Moore. (Catch our interview on my Gab With the Gurus Show.)
Jaime Jackson
Felicia DesRosiers
Karly Pitman
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Back After My Move

A warm greetings to readers to this Sugar Shock Blog.
Please forgive my recent absence lately. I’ve been in the middle of a long-distance move, and it took a while before my computer was set up. Shall we say that we faced some challenging issues? Love computers but darn when they don’t work. . . ugh!
In the meantime, I invite you to pre-order my upcoming book, Beyond Sugar Shock.
Read about my exciting offer — you’ll get a complimentary Strategy Session with me.

Sugar Shock Readers: What Would You Like in My Next Book? (Last Call)

Attention, readers of my first book, Sugar Shock.
Amazon Sug Sh 51RDZ7DBVAL._SL110_ This is the last call for any ideas on what to include in my next book.
I’m now making last-minute changes and editing to my next book, The Sugar Shock Diet,which will be released next year by Hay House. (Here’s the original announcement.)
My next book will provide you a simple, six-week mind-body-spirit plan that will allow you to easily cut back on those quickie carbs so you can shed excess weight, boost your libido, increase your energy, and much more.
Please, dear readers of Sugar Shock, as I’m doing final rewriting and editing for Sugar Shock Diet, tell me what you’d like to see included.
What would make your life easier and sweeter?
Please tell us now, on this Sugar Shock Blog, and on the Facebook Smart Habits Fans Page what you’d like to see in this next book.

Addicted to Sugar? Break Free with Me! – Early Bird Deadline Through April 5

Are you addicted to sugar and/or refined carbs? If so, you’re invited to Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction in 5 Weeks, starting next month.
Because of extreme demand, many pleas for help and the fact that people are in Passover and Easter moods or liberation and resurrection, the deadline for the first Early Bird Rate has been extended through the weekend, until April 5.
Would you like to achieve freedom in the spirit of Passover?
Or would you like to achieve a health or spiritual resurrection of your own in the spirit of Easter?
FYI, if my choice of religious words bothers you, forgive me. What I’m trying to say that when you kick your sugar habit, you can be reborn, so to speak, and achieve an exhilarating feeling of freedom.
Why bother to kick sugar? The benefits of kicking sugar are many:
* You can lose weight and inches.
* You can get more energy.
* You can feel happier.
* You can concentrate better.
* You can get along better with loved ones.
* You can reduce your PMS.
* You may be able to get a better libido.
* You can reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, hypoglycemia, heart disease and cancer.
* You can fit into your skinny jeans.
* And so much more.
Learn more now how to Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction in 5 Weeks.
Again, the Early Bird Rate ends Monday, April 5.

Client Kicks Candy on Good Friday: Will You Join Her?

I just had a touching, powerful coaching session with a new private client, whose Christian religion is important to her and whose sugar habit puts her “in the deepest funk” and “controls” her.
After some discussion about today being a somber occasion since it’s Good Friday, she decided that “Good Friday is the death of my bad [sugar] habit.”
Specifically, she plans to kick red licorice and other candies for Lent, while it is still happening.
“Jesus made a big sacrifice for me,” she told me. “If I’m able to kick the habit, what an honor it would be. He would be so happy.”
I just thought I’d share this with those of you who are religious and into sweets.
Would you, too, like help to kick your sugar addiction? If so, learn about my Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction Program.
FYI, if you become a new private or group coaching client through the month of April, you also will receive free admission to my upcoming Break of Your Sugar Addiction Program, which begins April 20. (So you’re getting a gift that is valued at $147 through April 5. On April 6, the price is $177.)
It would be my honor to help you. To work with me either privately or in groups, contact me to set up your complimentary strategy session.
I have every confidence in you that you can Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction. And, if you do, your life can improve in many ways, from weight loss to happier moods.

Share Your Stop Sugar Shock Success Story

Have you lost weight or overcome another health problem by completely kicking or cutting back on sugar, refined carbs and other high-glycemic foods?
Kicking those “culprit carbs” (what I call them) is one of the most effective ways to lose weight and overcome a variety of health challenges, as thousands of people — whom I call “Sugar Kickers” — have been telling me for years.
If you’re a Kick-Sugar Success Story — whether you lost weight, got more energy, improved your moods or got your diabetes under control — I want to tell your tale here!
By sharing your story, you’ll be able to inspire, motivate, and encourage others.
Read some motivational Kick-Sugar Success Stories we’ve told so far:
* Fellow blogger Jimmy Moore, who I interviewed yesterday on my Gab With the Gurus Radio Show.
* Jaime Jackson
* Felicia DesRosiers
* Karly Pitman

Help for Sugar Addicts: Tips to Cut Back on Sugar

Would you like to lose weight, get more energy and possibly boost your libido?
Just kick sugar and refined carbs!
Admittedly, for many, that’s easier said than done, especially if you feel like you have a sugar addiction or carb addiction.
Of course, as my clients often admit and as I discovered back in 1998, quitting sugar can be quite challenging.
After all, for many of us, we learned to like the sweet stuff in our wombs! (Yes, one fan told me that when her mom was pregnant, she guzzled soda. Seriously, many of us are born hooked on sugar!)
So allow me to help you begin to break free. To get you going, here are three stories full of tips and tactics.
First, I invite you to read my Huffington Post Holiday Health story, 10 Tips to Conquer Your Cravings for Candies, Cookies Or Cakes.
Next, I encourage you to check out my 10 Ways to Kick Sugar article on
And finally, I recommend that you read nutritionist Jonny Bowden’s fabulous piece, Top 10 Ways to Cut Back on Sugar.
Hope our articles help you. Let us know here. And if you have other tips, please share them with us, too.
For more help, I invite you to join the Smart Habits Fans on Facebook and to check out my book SUGAR SHOCK!

Is Your Sugar Addiction Making You Crabby?

Are you moody, cranky and edgy for no apparent reason?
Well, it could be your sugar addiction that’s contributing to your embarrassing highs and lows.
Hurray to Well + Good NYC for pointing out this not-so-well-known fact about sugar’s effect on your moods.
Gratitude also goes to Well + Good NYC for interviewing me for this story, “Are you just cranky or addicted to sugar? A local expert explains the pernicious side of sweetness.
Do you live in or near New York City?
Please join me in my four-week course, which begins next Tuesday, Jan. 12 at the New York Open Center.
What are your questions or experiences about sugar, hypoglycemia or type 2 diabetes? We’d love to hear from you on the Facebook Smart Habits Fans page.

New Year’s Day: Get Inspired in New York & Break Free

Dear Sugar Shock Blog readers, do you live near New York City?
If so, I invite you to join me New Year’s Day at the JCC in Manhattan for a very exciting New Year’s Day Fitness Fair.
In particular, from 1 pm to 2 pm, come have fun with me while getting motivated, educated and charged up to take positive actions in the new year.
Of course, as the new year rings in, this is an ideal time to begin to create a new, improved you.
One of the best ways to better yourself is to gently, compassionately look at yourself and how you’ve been treating your lovely body.
From 1 pm to 2 pm on New Year’s Day at my talk at the JCC in Manhattan, you will have an opportunity to have fun while beginning to kick your sugar habit or other bad habits (or what I call babits™).
My intention is to help gently guide you to look at your bad habits (babits™) and to engage in fun, uplifting, adventurcises™ (adventurous exercises) so you can get you can inspired to take some positive, life-changing actions in the new year.
Why study your babits™ such as over-reliance on sugar, caffeine and artificial sweeteners? Because if you set aside your babits™, you can get more energy, shed excess pounds, lift your moods, get along better with your loved ones, become more productive, accomplish more, boost your confidence and even rev up your libido.
Please do spread the word. Invite your friends and loved ones and my talk from 1 pm to 2 pm at the JCC in Manhattan. If you come as a result of reading this blog post, let me know, because you get a free gift from me.