Which Celebrity Said “Sugar is the devil.”? Do Sweets Lure You When You’re Down?

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^ (1) Celebrity Corner: Who Said “Sugar is the devil.”?

^ (2) Do You Turn to Sweets When You’re Down? The High Doesn’t Last

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^ (7) Celebrity Corner: Learn Who Said “Sugar is the devil.”

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^ (1) Celebrity Corner: Who said “Sugar is the devil.”

Which celebrity said this: “Sugar is the devil. Sugar is kiddie cocaine….”

The celebrity went on to say:

Child sugar addict “Watch kids at a birthday party. The girls are crying and the boys are turning something into swords.”

Ever witnessed any sugar-crazy behavior from your kids?

Hint. To learn who said this, you can go to page 266 of my
book Sugar Shock!

The answer also is at the bottom of this ezine.

Read on.

^ (2) Do You Turn to Sweets When You’re Down?
The High Doesn’t Last

Are you one of those who “self-medicates” when you’re depressed?

In other words, do you turn to sweets and refined carbs when down in the dumps?

One research study from Alabama found that 67 percent of college students turned to sugary-rich foods when they were anxious, depressed, tired or moody.

As soon as they ate something sugary, most of them felt better right away—they reported being happy, relaxed or energetic.

BUT… and this is a very big BUT….

Their high didn’t last.

In other words, they did not feel better for long.

“Ultimately, they got a quick lift in their moods, but it rapidly dropped again, because the food was only a TEMPORARY fix,” points out researcher Dr. Larry Christensen, author Diet-Behavior Relationships: Focus on Depression.

That’s why, he says, they need something like therapy, eliminating sugar from their diet or psychopharmacology to break that circularity and create a permanent improvement in mood.”

From my perspective as a former sugar addict and author of the book Sugar Shock!, it seems that people who turn to sweets and simple carbs are seeking comfort, compassion and sweetness. Sugar doesn’t fill them up.

For those of you who are struggling with sugar issues or weight challenges, I invite you to ask yourself: Do you want to seek "comfort" in food or in the arms of loved ones and treasured activities?

FYI, I know it can be very tough to break free of your addiction to sugar and refined carbs, which is why I'm dedicated to helping people do just that.

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^ (7) Celebrity Corner: Learn Who Said “Sugar is the devil.”

“Sugar is the devil. Sugar is kiddie cocaine. Watch kids at a birthday party. The girls are crying and the boys are turning something into swords.”

This fascinating quote comes from Marilu Henner, actress and author of Healthy Kids.

You can find more fascinating information in my book Sugar Shock!

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  2. You have enough symoptms to justify a visit to a doctor. While we here on answers have all the answers the only one to tell you is a doctor. Low blood sugar in me causes much irritation, very tired and split vision(eyes are not in sinc). High blood sugar(same as untreated diabetic) blurry vision, very tired, sluggish, excessive hunger and extreme thirst(and going to the john too ofter) Hypoglycemia can lead to diabetes. Was this answer helpful?

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