7 Ways a Social Media Vacation Can Help You

TwitterJoin the Conversation. Are you taking a Social Media Vacation this holiday season?

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Are you taking a Social Media Vacation this holiday season?

Or are you worried that if you take time away from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram or your blog, people will forget about you or you’ll lose valuable momentum?

Lately, I’ve become a fan of taking becoming deliberately and intentionally “anti-social” on the Internet for a while in order to become more social later on, as I shared recently on this Sugar Shock Blog.

FacebookI contend that occasionally, you may need a Social Media Vacation. To begin, you need time off if youo’re facing family or personal emergencies.

But you don’t need to suffer your Dark Night of the Soul to step back from social media.

You need a Social Media Vacation at least twice a year for a few days at a time, I contend.

It’s simply not healthy to be “on” all the time.

For at least of the holiday season, I believe, you need to turn off your social media mind for a few days or even a couple of weeks for the sake of your health, relationships, and state of mind.

Here are 7 benefits of taking Social Media Vacations:

  1. You can spend precious time with loved ones, who you may not see enough.
  2. When you’re absent from social media, you can become more fully present in your life. For instance, you’ll better enjoy your significant other, children, siblings, nieces and nephews, friends, etc. Plus, you’ll have more fun and be more open to new, exciting experiences.

  •  When you’re not distracted by social media and you’re not overly focused on the kinds of and number of responses you get on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram or your blog, you can get clearer about your long-term goals.
  • When you’re inactive on social media, youi “fill yourself up” in a way that food can never do. Like a car, you need to refuel and put healing, rejuvenating “gas” into your tank.
  • By giving yourself what you need — necessary R & R — you can emerge with more energy, passion, and enthusiasm to share valuable information to your fans through social media.
  • You also can gain valuable perspective, insights, and ideas by turning off your social media brain.
  • Social Media Vacations, like regular vacations, are good for your health. For instance, when you take vacations — something most Americans don’t take enoughyou’ll gain better focus and relieve stress..

Learn more here about how Social Media Breeaks can help you when your heart is breaking.

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Join the Conversation. Are you taking a Social Media Vacation this holiday season to become more energized, enthusiastic, and refreshed. Post your comment here.

isis, I urge you to step back from social media. Here are nine benefits of staying away from the Web for a few days or weeks.

  1. You can spend precious time with a loved one. (This is especially important if your loved one is very ill.).
  2. You can take ample time to go inward and put your attention on nurturing and nourishing yourself.
  3. Focusing on yourself rather than on posts or tweets allows you to emerge more compassionate and committed to giving valuable information to your fans through social media..
  4. When you’re absent from social media, you can become more fully present in your life.
  5. You can reassess your priorities without getting distracted by social media.
  6. When you shift your focus from serving others to preserving yourself, it’s easier to triumph over your stressful, heart-breaking situations.
  7. When you’re not concerned about the responses you’re getting to a comment, quote or photo you posted on Facebook, your blog or Google+, you have more energy to face your profound pain, which, in turn, will help you move faster away from the dark and into the light.
  8. When you’re not sidetracked by social media, you can gain valuable perspective, insights, and the distance you need to rise above your pain.
  9. A Social Media Break “fills you up” so that you can return with more energy, exuberance, and enthusiasm to serving people.

– See more at: http://www.sugarshockblog.com/2013/12/9-ways-social-media-sabbaticals-make-you-more-social.html#sthash.Z285UXk8.dpuf

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