What’s Your One Word Theme for 2014?

Join the conversation. What’s your one word for 2014? Post your comment now.


Happy New Year to you, dear readers.

In this first blog post of 2014, I invite you to come up with one word that encapsulates your theme for the new year.

In 2014, what will the one word be that succinctly conveys your mission and passion, which will drive you forward to spectacular heights and glorious achievements?

Sunsets 12-27-13 003For 2014, my word is love.

I’m dedicated to love myself (even when I do things that aren’t in my best interest), love the Universe or Divine Guidance (God), love Nature (such as the nearby ocean), love my dear departed mother and father, love my family and friends, love my signficant other (well, the man that’s on the way!), and love for people, whose lives I have changed or am changing through this Sugar Shock Blog, my talk(s), or my books, Beyond Sugar Shock and Sugar Shock.)

And I also love, love, love Zumba (on the way to a class shortly), spinning, bicycling, and traveling.

I also love wonderful synchronicity. (Some people made this love symbol near the beach when a man was abouit to propose to his honey so I quickly took the shot in between a dying cell phone.)

Join the conversation.

Question: What is your one word for 2014 that will lead you to meaning and magnificence?

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4 thoughts on “What’s Your One Word Theme for 2014?

  1. Great post! Also, Love the picture, what a great idea! My word would be laughter. I am going to laugh more in 2014.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Jill. The story behind how I took this photo is remarkable.
    I was taking a walk along the ocean when I saw a couple of people putting together this heart. They were creating a romantic scene for when their friend would propose to his long-time sweetheart. It was so sweet.
    Anyhow, after the couple got engaged, the happy man and woman posed for photos, but my camera battery died! But I’m thrilled I caught this in the nick of time.
    These people had the right idea — love on the beach with rose petals!

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