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Why I Didn’t Audition to Host my Show on Oprah’s New Network

Bookcover Many of you have asked me
whether or not I auditioned to host my own show on the Oprah Winfrey
Network (OWN), and you wondered where you could find my video. You can’t
find my video, because I never submitted one. Let me tell you why.

First of all, I gave this very serious consideration. I even developed a
fascinating concept for my own TV show. (In fact, I'm really excited
about my idea for a show, which I've never seen anywhere.)

But after reviewing the guidelines for the Your OWN Show Video
Competition, I realized – regretfully – that I just could not apply
right now.

Hay House images Here’s why: As I announced here
last week, I just got a deal for my next book — the follow-up to Sugar
— from Hay House, the leader in
self-help and transformational publishing.

I’m very excited, honored and committed to writing the best book that
can help, I hope, millions of people, break free of their sugar
addiction for good.

As I studied the submission guidelines, I realized that if I had been
fortunate enough to be selected as a finalist that I just wouldn’t have
had ample time to commit to it. (You need to be able to leave town to
compete for 6 weeks.)

In addition, another guideline gave me pause. It said that if you have
another contractual obligation that may interfere, you should not apply.
That was the line that ultimately stopped me from applying. (I'm days
away from signing my contract with Hay House, and I'll be in writing
mode as the contest cranks up.)

Anyhow, I’m not about to jeopardize my book deal with Hay House.
Workwise, that must be my priority. And I'm having a blast so far
writing it.

So, even though I’d very much like my own TV show on OWN (or elsewhere),
the time isn’t right.

But I’m still hanging onto my idea, because it would make for a great TV
show. And my intention is to make it happen – but not while I'm on book

Right now, I need to finish researching and writing my book. Speaking of
which, would you please help me name this follow-up to Sugar Shock?

Learn more now

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One thought on “Why I Didn’t Audition to Host my Show on Oprah’s New Network

  1. Very interesting Connie! I’m looking forward to our interview this Wednesday and finding out more about your new book deal!! Hay House…what a great publisher to be with! Much love and light, Petey

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