5 Tips to Soften Halloween Sugar Shock

Halloween candycorn_476x357 Since we're days away from Halloween, here are 5 Tips to Soften Sugar Shock after your night of candy hoarding (let's face it — that's what most children (and their parents) will do.

It's also safe to assume that your kids and you are going to indulge — or possibly

So, given the fact that it's pretty much a given that most Americans will go into do sugar overloading,  here are
5 tips to Soften Sugar Shock.

1) Treat Yourself to a Good Meal First.

Before you or your kids head out for trick or treating,
make sure to eat a nourishing meal of quality protein (free-range chicken, fish, etc.), some healthy fats (like a little olive drizzled over your meal), and quality carbs (a salad, veggies and maybe whole grains). You could even eat a small slice of pumpkin — not the pie but the actual cooked pumpkin!

2) Boogie On!

After you get back from trick or treating, put on your and your children's favorite tunes — as high energy as possible — and dance. (This can help to bring your kid "down" from the sugar rush.)

3) Cut Yourself & Your Kids Some Slack!

When you go into sugar shock, expect some behavioral changes immediately after all the
candy eating. Please do NOT hold that against that person! For instance, they or you may snap with no
good reason, may lack focus or direction, and may even konk out despite already having had 8 hours of  sleep. These sugar shocked symptoms will pass — provided you stay away from sweets in the days after harrowing Halloween.

4) Ration & Then Toss the Sweet Stuff

Candy in the house can be dangerous! Do you know anyone who can just have one tiny little
piece and then stop? So ahead of time, decide that you or your kids will allow x number of
pieces per day — I recommend 2 to 4 tops (and we're talking TINY pieces after eating
a good meal. But save only 1 or 2 days' worth. Then take the rest and toss it down the
disposal. Yeah, you may think it's simply awful to be so wasteful, but it's more dangerous to your body to keep shoving it full of empty-calorie sugar-filled treats.   

5) Become a Cautious Candy Detective.

If # 4's suggestion to Toss the Sweet Stuff bothers you, then inspect the food
labels on your favorite candies. I guarantee that you'll be stunned at what your favorite sweets contain.
That'll make you more inclined to want to Toss the Sweet Stuff, because your body deserves
better, right?

Have a sweet, safe Halloween.

And remember, Halloween is about fun, dressing up (costumes), laughter, friendship and NOT





Connie Bennett
Your Sugar Liberator & Sweeter Life Coach and Author, Sugar Shock!

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