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Sugar in Tomato Sauces?

Tomatoes are so naturally juicy, succulent and sweet, especially the ones I get straight from the farmer through my CSA.

So I’m always baffled when I pick up a jar or can of tomato sauce and it’s loaded with sugars, often high fructose corn syrup.

Well, astute reporter Charles Ferruzza for the Kansas City paper, The Pitch, unraveled the truth about why some tomato sauces were so sweet at restaurants he was reviewing.

The chefs were adding sugar — an idea they apparently got from some Italian authors, Ferruzza found.

Come on, folks, since we know that eating excessive sweets can lead to diseases and health issues galore (as I reveal in SUGAR SHOCK!), why add sugar to tomato sauce?

Besides, all that sugar just triggers more desire of the same.

Adding sugar to tomato sauces or other foods — especially at a nice
restaurant — are just NOT needed. Besides, in my mind, now that I’m
used to savoring the natural flavor or fruits and veggies, foods tastes
worse when you add all that sugar.

This slipping-sugar-into-foods habit on the part of chefs just so
infuriates me! At restaurants, I always ask if there’s sugar or honey
added, and I’m often absolutely shocked to learn that they’ve added it
into the most unlikely foods!

And what’s this nonsense about customers wanting it that way? I
don’t buy that. If chefs didn’t put sugar into tomato sauce or ceviche
or salad dressings, no one would know, I’m convinced!

Oops, I shouldn’t be posting here now! I’m supposed to be atoning not working.

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4 thoughts on “Sugar in Tomato Sauces?

  1. I’ve had great success with making my own tomato sauce. Start with low or no sodium sauce (usually has only trace amounts of sugar), and then go crazy with onion, garlic, basil, oregano and more! So delicious!

  2. It’s disgusting how sugar turns up in places it doesn’t belong. You’d think it was a conspiracy to keep us hooked and boost sales of processed foods. 🙂
    If you really read labels, you can find sauces without added sugar. Ragu makes a “light” pasta sauce with no added sugar. It’s one of those rare cases where “light” = sugar free. I have also found a few local, store brand premium sauces with no added sugar. I don’t eat pasta either, but the sauce is great over spaghetti squash.

  3. Greetings
    I used to cook at an Italian restaurant. The main reason sugar is added to a tomato base sauce is to cut acidity.
    I still prefer it without the sugar.

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