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Blog Spotlight: Nutritionist Jonny Bowden Offers Insights Galore

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Nutritionist Jonny Bowden, M.A., C.N.S. offers some compelling commentary and thought-provoking ideas on his blog, in his posts, “Expensive to Eat Healthy?” (Monday, May 9, 2005), “The Single Biggest Error People Make About Nutrition” (Thursday, June 9, 2005), and “Is Being Overweight Healthy? The New JAMA Study (Sunday, May 15, 2005). (Ah heck, just read […]

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Shame on Reporters Critical of Cookie Monster’s New Moderate Habits

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Back in 1998, I adored cookies, especially chocolate chip. But even before I started saying no to cookies, candies, and cake (on doctor’s orders) for the sake of my health, I never condemned others, especially beloved fictional creatures, for shunning cookies—especially in an article that thousands would read. So I’m simply appalled that certain fellow […]