Connecting: Grateful for Comments re Yesterday’s Tele-Party

Peoplematrix It's  always so wonderful to connect with other people.

Today, I'm so touched, honored and grateful for the kind comments I received.

Yes, it's my goal to help people transform their lives of struggle to ones of glee, but when I hear that I'm reaching out to just one person, it fills me with great joy.

Sandra wrote the following wonderful email to me:

"I was unaware of the free tele-party last night or I would have definitely joined in, but I was able to listen today. I always enjoy listening to you and your stories and tips. I just missed one part as I was doing dishes while listening and I didn’t hear the answer—you were talking about your good friend, a doctor (name?) and where you went to school. Where did you go to school? I’m looking for schools myself (health and nutrition)."

IIN - n25111276360_3734 Sandra, thanks so much for writing. I'm honored that you "always enjoy" listening to me, my stories and tips.

I was talking about my good friend Dr. Jill Baron, an amazing integrative physician, with whom I hosted a two-part program to help people bust stress and not turn to sweets. You can learn more here. 

The amazing school I mentioned was the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).

It was such an amazing experience that I spent quite a bit of time to write a blog post about IIN that answers FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) that I've received about the school.

Check out my blog post here to get your questions answered about the fabulous school

You also can listen to a webinar that I did with IIN here.

Hope this helps.

Please tell IIN that I sent you.

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If you were unable to make my Just Ask Connie Tele-Party, you can listen now, at your convenience, until July 30, when the link disappears. 

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