I’m back to serve you after completing my next book, I blew my diet! Now what?

Please forgive me for not writing to you in months.

But I have good news.

I’m really eager to help you Bounce Back Boldly™ after you’ve gone through a challenging time and blew your diet with sweets or fast carbs.

But in order to really help you, I needed to take lots of time off.

In short, I needed to drop off the grid.

Coincidentally, all this coincided with COVID-19.

Early on during the pandemic, I even got super sick so when I recovered, I hid out more in my ivory tower, so to speak, to stay healthy.

In short: I’ve been off researching, writing, and editing my book, I blew my diet! Now what?

My goals are really big: I want to help you in a way no other diet book has.

And that’s what I believe I’ve done with my next book.

The good news: I blew my diet! Now what? is now done.

OK, almost. We’re oh-so-close.

Right now, my really smart editor, Nancy, is doing important things like fix the structure, get rid of any repetitiveness and make sure it all flows so that this book will help you.

Anyhow, I’ve become accustomed to laying low to finally get this book out there.

To complete this book, I chose to avoid social media.

At first, it was hard to resist the lure of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, but I did so I could focus on giving you a book that can really help you.

So I’m now back to help you.

Keep a lookout every Wednesday morning from around 3:30 am to 5 am PST (6:30 to 8 am EST).

So get ready for what I call Woo-Hoo Wednesday.

And during some weeks, you’ll hear from me more than once.

For instance, before Halloween, I’m sharing a special sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, but absolutely scrumptious recipe.

Stay tuned.