Physician Cuts the Culprit Carbs

Jimmy_mooreMy friend, the popular low carb blogger Jimmy Moore, just told me that physician Dr. Nathan Eliason changed his diet to protect his health, in part, because he got inspired after reading my book, SUGAR SHOCK!

He also was strongly influenced by journalist Gary Taubes, first with his column, "What If It’s All Been a Big, Fat Lie, and later by his book, Good Calories, Bad Calories.

You can hear Dr. Eliason discuss his lifestyle changes on Jimmy’s Livin La Vida Low Carb Show.

As Jimmy points out on his blog, "Dr. Eliason’s personal journey battling high triglycerides and lipid abnormalities has convinced him this is the way he should be eating to be as healthy as he can be."

It’s certainly heartening to learn that I helped a doctor turn his back on those culprit carbs for the sake of his health. Love it!