Reading is the Best! Authors & Readers, Contribute Your Books to Shadow Forest Authors Beneficiaries

Sfalogo1Today, I received an email from Shadow Forest Authors (SFA), a fellowship of authors for charity, inviting me to join with authors from around the world and from all genres to unite with SFA and donate books and e-books to selected beneficiaries, which include the Anthony Robbins Foundation, Got Books, Book Aid International and World Public Library.

I’m honored to be invited to join SFA in this very worthwhile cause.

Just think about reading’s many joys, pleasures and benefits.

I shudder to think what my life would be like without books!

Reading can change people’s lives. It can uplift us, ennoble us and open our eyes to new concepts.

Reading makes us better people. Simply put, reading raises us up.

Please join me in donating to SFA and its four charities. I’m happy to participate in this very worthwhile endeavor. In fact, I’ve already begun to pack up copies of my book Sugar Shock! to send to all four SFA charities.

Fellow authors — and readers, too — please join me to fill a much-needed void in worldwide literacy issues. Donate your books to these worldwide charities.

As this book urges, together, Let’s End Our Literacy Crisis.

Fellow authors and readers of this blog, donate your books now.

One thought on “Reading is the Best! Authors & Readers, Contribute Your Books to Shadow Forest Authors Beneficiaries

  1. Thank you Connie for supporting SFA and doing such a great write up. As SFA has just launched, we are in the process of contacting thousands of authors, agents, publishers, writers groups etc. We cannot thank you enough for your contribution to this cause and if other authors follow your lead, our job will be made far easier in getting the word out. Together we can change the massive literary problems worldwide. Again thank you.
    Christine Jones.

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