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Naturally, your Crazy Cravings™–as I call them–may feel annoying, frustrating and downright exasperating.

I invite you to take a lighter approach. CB-LionJoin me in seeing the absurdity and humor in your ferociously wild urges for “bad foods.”

That’s why I invited talented cartoonist Isabella Bannerman to help you find humor in your health-harming sugar addiction, Crazy Cravings, obesity, etc.

In addition, you’re welcome to share the humor with friend and loved ones.

After all, levity is not only healthy for you, but it helps you to face serious health subjects such as I discuss.

So feel free to Share Sugar Shock Cartoons so others also can see the humor in the horror.

Naturally, these fun cartoons have a strong element of truth.

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Here are Sugar Shock Cartoons you can share.

The Pouncing Cravings Lion™
Sugar Zombies™
The Sugar-Addicted Hamster™
The Exercise-Soda Conundrum™
The Blood-Sugar Rollercoaster™
One Fast Way to Shed Stress™
Clean, Clever Distracting™
Uh-Oh! Crazy Cravings Hounded Me™
Halloween Havoc
The Cost of High Heels™
Connie B, The Cravings Ninja™

Squae item - connie_360_by_360_with_borderSome of the Cartoons In the Works Include:

The Handy Cravings Trick™
The Willpower Turn-On Tactic™
Surf the Urge™
Woo Hoo! You’re Crushing Your Cravings™
Cravings-Crushing Monday™
Become a Cravings-Crushing Social Media Hero™

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