Smoking: Are You Still Hooked? Delay Away Your Nicotine Desires

Stop_smoking_357_7847691 Are you one of five Americans still smoking despite the fact that more than 400,000 smokers die each year from smoking-related diseases?

Although smoking is declining, are you among the 25% of smokers worried about the
economy, who find that fretting over it is driving you to smoke more each
day, or are you among the additional 13%, who’ve delayed quitting, according to a 2008 survey?

Are you trying to quit or wanting to quit? You can lick this dangerous habit, as I discovered years ago, thanks to Smoke Enders. (Haven’t touched a cigarette in about 15 years.)

You also should know, that, in mid-June, as the New York Times reports, more than four decades after the surgeon general declared smoking a health hazard, the Senate passed a landmark bill (The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act) that empowers the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) to regulate the nicotine content and chemicals in cigarettes and to impose strict controls on the making, marketing and advertising of cigarettes and other forms of tobacco. Even cannabis users should be wary about how their smoking habit is affecting them. When a joint is lit they still release the toxins and carcinogens that can cause damage to your lungs. Fortunately, the choice of how it is ingested is much more varied than it has been in the past.

Learn on my Better Habits Diet blog about the power of delaying or creative procrastinating, one of my favorite tactics that you can use to help kick any type of unhealthy habit.

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